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I made this is celebration of my friend's granddaughter's 8th birthday and for her cancer remission status after a 2 year long, hard battle. All my thanks to pati53 for the inspiration. Someday I hope to be able to design my own but for now, I don't think I've reached that level. So grateful for everyone willing to share their ideas on CC.

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Beautiful work! If you don't mind me asking how did you do the hat? Also how did you do the pictures on the bottom? Please and thank you! 


Thank you for the nice comment.  The bottom part of the hat was cake.  The top half of the  hat was Rice Krispie treats molded into that shape.  I iced them before covering the whole thing in fondant.  The brim was a half fondant, half gum paste mixture.  I used that so it would stiffen and hold it's shape.  As for the pictures on the bottom, I just googled "images of Michael Jackson" and a lot of pictures came up.  I'm not very good on the computer so my husband sized them for me and then printed them out.  I then cut the imagess out on cardstock to make a template.  Once I had the template drawn and cut out I then laid each piece over the black fondant and then with an exacto knife, I carefully cut them out.  They were attached to the cake by brushing a little water on the back of the figure.  I hope that answers your questions.  If not, feel free to ask again.