For those who would like to know :) I started with a dummy head, and used fondant to build it out to look like his face, then covered it with fondant, cut the eyes out of fondant, covered it in webbing, and let it dry for a few days. Then, I filled and stacked two 10" cakes for the middle, and split an 8" cake into quarters for the shoulders. Then, I carved the sharp edges and the slope and indent for the chest. Next, I crumb-coated the whole bottom, and covered in fondant. I cut a shallow circle the size of the head base in the top of the cake, and set it in with 2 dowels. I then finished the rest of the webbing on the body, and cut the spider out of fondant. I hope this helps! :)

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I have the same question! I am planning to do a similar one in a couple of weeks (with rice crispy treats for the head, which I hope will work), and I am still wondering about the lines... Thanks for letting us know :)