My entry for the ICCA Wedding cake competition, Ebony got "Highly commendable". Theme: Monochrome and red roses, some mixed colors to "POP" the whole look.. Freehand gumpaste roses dusted in some funny name for red and scarlet, the foliage is inclusive of poppy seed heads, funny named berries, funny named other seed pods, oriental grass, rose leaves that were made from a rose petal cutter because I forgot to bring the leaf cutter so I guess you could say it's semi free hand, some funny long leaves and begonia leaves in the second bunch. Mind you, my very first PROPER bouquet. The second tier from the top would be an eyelid technique rojak lace work, piped free hand (NOT sugar veil), I piped the "fish net" extension work on the spot, hence the shortness. Next tier would be inspired by one of my very own ink pen "Modern art" drawings, call it whatever you like. I was given a huge err suitcase of SK food coloring last year so I used them for that tier to thank Squire's kitchen. The next tier would be dedicated to my Dad, those were my very first flowers I made, daisy version rolled out with toothpicks, I made them into a fantasy hydrangea-ish thing. Next would be "Oriental stringwork", I thought it was pretty borring piping them right on the cake so to give them some texture I put some err... Semi ball random gumpaste blobs. The next tier would be mosaic inspired, Williamkate's wedding cake (The bottom most tier.) inspired in a way. Last tier, my very favorite, henna inspired but actually not quite anymore, I thought about most of it, no henna reference like last year's. Basically gothic black lace.

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