Parthenon Cake

Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. 50 servings. The cake is sitting inside the Parthenon but the roof is cake as well.

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I'm so glad I found your page.  This cake is exactly what I've been looking for.  I need to do a Roman themed cake for my grandson's drama night party.  How in the world did you do the figures that go across the top and at the corners of the roof? Any instructions you could give me for the cake (pillars, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.


This cake is amazing! My 12 year old daughter is doing something similar for her major year 6 project and I would love some advice or tips on how you recreated the pediments.  did you use a mould or create the figures yourself?. We are trying to recreate as close as possible to the original Parthenon.  What have you used for the base and steps?. Any advice you can offer, greatly appreciated.  Thank you!