Spiderman Cake

Spiderman Cake on Cake Central

I did this one for my son's 3rd birthday. This is when I started really getting into making fondant cakes. it was a big party so this was quite big. This was my first lesson in how hard it is to make red fondant-- I had made a batch in advance and added so much food coloring when I went to use it, it was a soggy, oily, unusable mess. It was around 7pm by the time I realized this so I was panicked. I managed to make another really dry batch of fondant, which I mixed with some of the bad red fondant, and luckily it worked its way into something usable. Then came the nightmare of the webs, which luckily my very patient husband was willing to help me with. I piped chocolate darkened with black food coloring, from the center outward, and then did the horizontal droops to connect them. The eyes were fondant (they should have been gumpaste to make them harder and hold their shape) so once they were placed they were not movable without messing up all the webs. They are not in the perfect location but the overall effect is still good I think.


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