This Is It!

two layer 10in. chocolate cake, buttercream filled am crumb coat. It was almost a wreck!!! But manage to save it. The cake is covered in white fondant which I tried to color with the Wilton black spray canister, very bad decision:( :( I almost gave up and was thinking of going to a bakery for my sons cake, because it was almost 7pm and my son was coming at 9:30PM And I still had to put all the other decorations. I was against it because for my children's birthday , I always made their cakes, even if I never frosted or decorated it.( This was before being "hook" into decorating by a Wilton class) I wasted about 20 minutes before coming with the idea that you can see in the picture!! And then it was another matter with the little hand...they broke and had to figure out how to resolve that to, I made new ones and attached it with long pins, it looks like the figure has rings in both hand. (I did this because there was no time for the new little hand to dry, much less the glue.) I hope I did not bore you with my "baking crisis" But it was fun !!. My son was so happy and surprise with the theme of the cake..He has been a fan of Michael since he was five years. Thank you for lookin!!


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