German Stein Cake

German Stein Cake on Cake Central

I made this cake for my husband's birthday. He was born in Germany and came to America back when he was a kid, and very proud of his roots, so I wanted to honor him with a cake that was related to Germany. The stein was made with seven layers of the little fill cake pans by Wilton (they resemble shortcake cakes) and I divided them with cardboard circles every two layers until I got to the top and used the last three stacked. The stein was made with red velvet and cooked butter cream filling, and the 'foam' coming out of the stein is also the cooked butter cream. I iced the outside with butter cream and then fondant. Painted all the details with petal dust and vodka. The lid and handle were made from gum paste and then painted with silver luster dust. The table cake was a caramel cake filled with chocolate butter cream, and iced with the same, then covered with a fondant table cloth. The plate, pickle, pretzels, bratwurst, and bread were all made from gum paste then airbrushed. (I actually got the texture for the bread by taking a piece of German rye bread and pressing it into the gum paste. Worked like a charm and no bread was harmed in the process.) The pickle shine was attained by painting corn syrup on the pickle. The bumps were made with a drinking straw. The pretzel salt was organic sugar sprinkled on right after the airbrushing. The plate was made using one of my own in the cupboard, and placing the rolled out gum paste right on top of it with a piece of plastic wrap between the paste and the plate until it dried on top, then did the same process by flipping the plate upside down with the plastic wrap between the gum paste and plate to get the bottom of the plate dried. Took several days.


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