Cake From Hell

Cake From Hell on Cake Central

Ain't it pretty? Well this is my nightmare story. Hopefully my only one. So this cake was the biggest I've ever made to date. Four massive tiers, only two inches difference per tier. They were so heavy. Anyway, it was August. 100 degrees. We had to deliver. Just so happens it was a crazy construction zone the whole way. We were going through potholes, swerving to hit cones, the like. So we get there, its intact, but has been bumped around a bit. We set the cake on the table and they say the reception isn't for two hours. And its outside. So its out there in 100 degree weather for hours after a terrible ride and the wind is ridiculous. So. about an hour later the mother of the groom calls and says its falling over. I get there and it looks about to topple. The bottom two tiers were just collapsed. Totally unsalvageable. So they ended up with a refund and a two tiered cake. The end.


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