First Bow Cake

This is the second time I've used fondant and the first time I've made a bow cake. Thanks to everyone on CC who posted their "bow" pics, you made it look so easy, I just had to try. I still can't seem to get fondant on the cake without it tearing somewhere, UGH! so I hid the tear with the stars at the front....not really the look I was going for. Also, I actually wanted the words happy birthday to lie flat surrounding the cake on the base, but I didn't have enough room for the letters, and the town I live in has no cake decorating supplies, so I had to use the only round board I could find. It's also my first WASC cake, thanks to Kakeladi?s excellent recipe. So the cake is WASC with chocolate buttercream between 4 layers. My sister took it to the city for the birthday party, hope they like it.


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