Snowglobe From Hell

Snowglobe From Hell on Cake Central

This was my second cake from hell. I was so inspired when i saw boween's snowglobe cake that i wanted to try it for a family get together. I did not support it enough i guess because overnight it became the leaning tower of Pisa. I had to take the globe apart and take it to the party seperated. I was so disappointed!, but i did learn my lesson on supporting. The stars, trees and reindeer were made from chocolate clay.

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I'm sorry to know you had problems but I love the cake. You did a wonderful job with it. You'll know better on the next one. Again, great job!


Mine did the same thing! I took it to my party anyway, but I know now that I will need to use supports. How did you make your base? I used a single layer 8" and 6" , I like what you did much better.