Sugar Snowflake Wedding Cake Topper

This is a pulled, molded snowflake sugar topper I made for a wedding. actually this is the back up topper as the first topper on the wedding cake had no close up shots taken. Bummer... I molded the hole in the center to snake a set of led lights up(went through cake stand and cake up into topper). really cool and worked the first time. I made extra snowflakes and busted them up to make the border(like ice shards) around a round poured sugar base. all sugar is isomalt. I poured small dark blue sugar gems for the centers. This is my first time with sugar and I am totally addicted. I am making a roller skate cake for my daughter next month with sugar wheels that (spin and light up- i hope). I found small battery powered led lights after I figured out a way to snake lights through cake. Live and learn. Thanks for looking. Thanks to K8memphis for her help when I posted a question about this. I went and looked for those lights and found them after I had made the topper. Good to know though- included a pic of side to show what they look like.


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