Texas Longhorn Bevo Cake

I made this cake for our son's 22nd birthday. He loves UT. I used a piece of 2" pvc pipe and inserted a 1/4"x4" piece of copper tubing 1/2" from the top for arm placement of BEVO. I then put made some rice crispy treats and formed the body and the head and covered it in modeling chocolate that I also made. Took me FOREVER! LOL...then I made the vanilla cakes and covered them in butterceam icing and buttercream fondant, stacked them and then ran the 2" pvc pipe down the center of the cakes to a flange at the bottom. Screwed it in place and voila. I had recently taken an 8 hour class on making a muppet monster out of modeling chocolate and ran with the idea of doing other characters and tried my luck at BEVO. He turned out pretty good for my first attempt. LOL


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