King Cobra

I have done a number of carved cakes, but this was a challenge. The order called for a snake sitting upright with fangs. I first baked the white cake in a sheet pan. I cut the cake in long stripes which were stacked up with raspberry compote in between the layers. I then chilled the cake for a few hours before carving all the corners off. Rolling a long strip of fondant I then put the chilled carved cake in the center and pulled the fondant up to the top, pinched off the excess and put the snake in the desired shape, then once again I chilled it for a few hours. While this second chill was occurring, I rolled very, very thin fondant and began marking the snake scales for his upper skin. I then applied the scales to the top of the snake. The next step was to paint it with a multitude of color layers giving depth to the snake skin. Lastly, I add eyes of edible pearls painted black, white fangs and pink tongue of fondant. To add to the overall design I added royal frosting grass, cookie crumb dirt and chocolate candy rock.

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