White Chanel Purse Cake

White Chanel Purse Cake on Cake Central

This cake was made for an Engagement Party. Its chocolate with hazelnut filling. The guests at the party all thought the purse was a present from the girl's finance that was put on display. It took everyone a while to figure out that it was cake. For this version of the cake (i made others in black in the past) i used a non-edible chain. Usually i make the chain out of gumpaste. This time, because i was going for authenticity, i used a chain i bought from my local fabric store, and i threaded a satin ribbon through it. That is how the real chanel purse's chain looks like. I haven't figured out a method to make that style chain out of sugar yet. The shoe and necklace are all gumpaste/fondant. It was so humid that at the end of the night, the tip of the shoe dent in. I was a bit upset, but no one noticed. TFL


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