My Steampunk Wedding Cake

My wedding just so happens to be Steampunk, and in about one month- the perfect time to start my cake. I've scrambled to finish in time to upload my cake to be able to participate in this contest! The actual wedding cake will have one more tier- but that would spoil if I baked and decorated it just yet. The cake piping is royal icing and the figures and flowers are hand modeled from fondant. Everything is hand brushed and painted (except the blue and purple piped icing). I had a lot of fun with the design of this cake- it's very frilly and Victorian, while still being fun and tinkery- which to me is pure Steampunk. The blue and purple are for our birthstones, and the animals for the carousel (it revolves) are my favorite African animals because I'm living here in South Africa with my fiancé until July (we're moving to the US and having a second ceremony).


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