Sheva Brachot/wedding Celebration Cake

This was my first attempt at free-hand writing an image from an image - the monogram on the cake I copied from the couple's wedding invite. The couple did not have a wedding cake at their wedding but it is their custom to have a dinner celebration with friends every night for a week after their wedding. This cake served as their only wedding cake that week and was given to them and eaten at one of these dinners. The groom is form New Orleans so the dinner party where the cake was served had a Mardi Gras theme which I incorporated by including the masks. All buttercream except masks and heart are fondant with gold glitter icing accent.

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This is absolutely my favorite wedding cake! Put your picture into my favs. Look, can you give any advice for the upcoming wedding of my sister's? I said she must think of buying harness women and other beautiful underwear to impress her husband. But I guess this is basics everybody knows about. Anything else you can recommend?