Vegetable Garden

I surprised my MIL with this vegetable garden for her birthday. I only made veggies that she grows in her backyard but couldn't fit all the veggies she grows into one cake. All decorations are made out of fondant with gumpaste mixed in for the corn stalks, pail, rake, & wheelbarrow wheel and handles. Somehow, I managed to make the wheelbarrow so it truly rolls. The "dirt" is the chocolate cake left from leveling. She has handprints of her three sons making up a cement/brick landing off her back door so I put handprints in the stepping stones to honor that. The only nonedible bits are the toothpicks used for the tomato cages and for the legs of the wheelbarrow. It was a LOT of work but her reaction was worth it. TFL & thanks to all CCers who've done similar cakes - they were great inspirations.


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