Another Present Cake

Another Present Cake on Cake Central

So, here's my last present cake for the year. This one ended up being a pain in the rear. First off, it cracked. Not a huge deal, able to hide with frosting, but still annoying. So, I got it all decorated, no problem. The icing wasn't smoothing out like I wanted but oh well. On Wednesday, I go to deliver it to the lady that asked me to make it and she FORGOT that she was supposed to meet me and was already out of town until the next morning. Ugh! So, I go to drive out of the parking lot and the sun is right in my eyes. Don't even see the car that's coming. I finally see it and slam on the breaks. Avoid a crash but the cake and its board go wooosh, sliding right onto the floor. Luckily it didn't flip over and didn't slide off the board completely. It did slide forward a bit though and pushed in one side of the cake. I was literally in tears. Probably more because of the close-call-almost-crash, but whatever. So, I went home and just stuck the thing in the fridge for a few hours so I could calm down and not want to completely destroy the thing. I took it out, cut off the crushed parts and redid the entire side. Then, painstakingly, my boyfriend helped me move it to a newly covered cake board and I had to re-frost parts of it that cracked from the move. All in all, fixing it probably took about 2.5 - 3 hours. Pain. In. The. Butt. If only she had met me when she said she would! I am never going to make a cake for someone else for Christmas Eve ever again.


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