Cornucopia Cake

So I'm not sure this is the place this cake should be, but there is no category for Thanksgiving cakes, or Brown Cakes, or anything that describes this cake. But this is my "first time" doing a Cornucopia cake--I'm still only about 2 months into cake deocrating. This is also my "first" ordered cake!! I baked this in the medium paisely pan and then carved the top down and added my carving to the base of the cake to elongate the front end. (The front end is crumbs "glued" with peanut butter icing. This cake was A LOT of fun. Although I'm not charging enough AT ALL--I didn't expect it to turn out as good as it did, so I discounted the price--that was dumb. So here it is a Chocolate Cake first covered and torted with Peanut Butter Icing, then basket weave in Chocolate Buttercream (used both cocoa powder & blocks of chocolate & Brown color to get the coloring). Decorated in Fondant leaves, pumpkin, & acorns, and garnished in peanut butter & chocolate chips.After I took these pictures I put more chips around the base of the cake. Thank you Milkmaid42 & Fee79 for your helpful hints on doing the fondant leaves!! TFL any comments are welcome :)


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