Halo Birthday Cake

My husband's bf is really into the video game Halo. So I made him this chocolate cake with peanut butter fluff buttercream (got the recipe on here, thanks to who's is was!! YUMMY!) and it is covered in Satin Ice Black fondant. The helmet on top is made of a RKT covered in fondant. The figure on the bottom is actually a printed and cut out picture I got off the internet and its just stuck on the side. It was too detailed to try and do for only my 4th cake! The helmet was challenge enough! I painted the details on with luster dust mixed with alcohol. I wasn't planning on putting the green border around the bottom of each, but I had a problem with my frosting and I don't think I added enough powdered sugar and it was too soft and was coming out the bottom and softening the fondant big time! I had to use something quick to "hide" the mess! It worked for the most part! TFL


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