Hello Kitty Rock N Roll

this turned out to be a huge Hello Kitty head! I forgot my other one was only 1 layer/ 1/2 sheet of cake! Soo I had to layers ( 2 Half Sheets/ pan: 11x15)..I just pretty much carved out the head by looking at a Picture. I used Vanilla Buttercream Icing; it was Wilton Strawberry Supreme on top layer and Chocolate Fudge on bottom layer; My g/f requested Chocolate in the middle so I just used DH Fudge Icing; I dirty Iced with the BC and the covered in MMF. All of the accents done with MMF! Super Easy except rolling out that huge of FONDANT!! wheeww! Whiskers are dry Spaghetti covered w/the Black MMF! My star I had to hand cut out.. since I didnt have a Big Star Cookie Cutter. HK turned out PRetty Cool and best thing is the my girlfriend and her step daughters were all thrilled and Loved it! Just was ALOT of Cake!!


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