Hot Wheels Car Cake

A Free Cakes For Kid's cake. If you're not a volunteer yet, check it out at (non profit org for underprivileged kids). This cake is for Jesus "Chuy" who is turning 4 and who is one of 9 kids. Mom lost her job in Jan. They lost their house. She asked for "just something small if you could...just for the kids." She said he likes hot wheels. I took the opportunity to practice a 3D car cake following the instruction in Mike Mc Carey's Cakenology DVD. I used too soft a cake (choc) and too soft a ganache under the fondant but it turned out perfect for a 4 year old's standards, I hope ; ). They have no idea they are getting this cake! How fun is that?!?!? Practice for me and an amazing gift for them. Just payin' it forward....

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