Iphone Cake

A chocolate cake, with edible image apps.. I had many friendds requesting instructions on "how i put the iphone cake together" and when i got an request for it on cakecentral, i decided to put the instructions on the comments sections. Its a 1/4 sheet fondant convered cake. I have kept the height be to 1 inch, so that it looks like an real sleek iphone. the size of the cake is 12 inch X 6.4 inch to be as close as the real iphone. U would carve the cake to resemble it as an iphone with curves on the side. Apply frosting, then put the fondant....then place the edible image.. I have added the edible image that i had used as an additional photo. This image is sized to fit the iphone cake with specifications of 12 inch X 6.4 inch. then i used the clay extruder to put the white sides of the iphone cake


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