Aristocat Marie 2Nd Birthday

This is my daughter's 2 B-day cake. Hand molded figure of Marie from The Aristocats cartoon movie. Aqua, pink, tan, dk brown fondant. I really had a hard time with this cake. We just moved here less then month ago and everything is still new. We planned on inviting a few kids and our closest neighbors to cut the cake. Instead we wound up with an all day house full of anxious cake eaters that would not let me alone..LOL After a million pleas to please go play outsides and don't touch the cake when you point at it... a surprise visit from hubby's Boss bringing his wife by to meet me while I was still in PJ's and up to my elbows in kids and cake stuff I was so done! Needless to say I could not pipe to save my life but couldnt do anything else at the last minute. My much too soft filling that I will never use again (even though it was delish) was bulging out everywhere just to tease me. My new Nikon was crapping out on me and the color is so wrong in those pics! They were the prettiest shades of colors. Though if I had to do it differently I would have put white on the board not the tan-live and learn. Marie took me 4 hours a day before and I was glad to be done with her. I love how cute she turned out. My Daughter loved it and that is all that matters on this one. TFL!


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