Lana & Dean's Wedding Cake

This is a 14/12/10 inch marble mud cake based on a Sweet Art Design, personalised to the couple. There were also 2 kitchen cakes chocolate mud 12 and 10 inches. I had some timing issues with the cake and then on Tuesday realised that the delivery was for Friday not Saturday....! Eeeccckkkkk! Special thanks to my friends who kept me sane, and telling me I could do it. But an extra special thanks to my friend Sharon for being able to meet me there, help me carry the cakes in and set up and take some additional pictures. As the marquee was right up against the back of the opera house, it wasn't possible to get a pic of the cake with the opera house in the background, but we did take some shots showing the harbour, the bridge and one from the outside showing the top of the opera house before we set up. Sharon was an absolute lifesaver on the day and I am forever indebted to her and Master Zen! There are some really specific touches to the couple including their cat, dog and bird.


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