Father's Day Cake Golf Ball

This is my first golf ball cake. It's a butter pecan cake with a chocolate filling and Irish cream BC under the fondant and as the "grass." Satin Ice fondant. I had hoped to write a message on the cake board but underestimated how much of the board would be taken up by cake and grass. I also planned to do a Nike swoosh on the ball, but once it was done, I thought trying to get the icing for teh symbol in and out of all those dimples would be difficult - congrats to those who have done it with success! TFL

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Hi! I know this was a while back, but can you remember what you used to make the dimples?  (And is this a 6” or a 9” diameter)

Looks amazing btw!


Sorry for the delay in replying - I just saw this message now. This is a Wilton ball pan, the larger sized one, so not sure what size that is. For the dimples, I used the Wilton cake tool that I got in a larger kit - it has a pointed/curved part at one end and a ball shaped knob at the other end. I used the ball tip end to make the dimples.