Pink Hippo - 2Nd Fondant Figure

Pink Hippo - 2Nd Fondant Figure on Cake Central

Now this was the test. I made my first fondant figure (pig) to see if I could actually model something. My next project was this hippo, which is modelled from a stuffed animal that my daughter has. I am really happy with the way it turned out. Now here's the question. Does it look like a hippo?

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JUST like one! This is great! My friend has been looking for fondant hippo inspiration :D I'll pass along yours! Too cute!


YES . . . definitely a hippo . . . when I read your description and you mentioned "pig" . . . I thought oh no, I thought it was a hippo . . . then of course I kept reading and you know the rest :lol: :lol:


Thank-you for all your support! I am so relieved that you think it looks like a hippo. After I made it, I thought to myself.....does this look like a hippo or a dinosaur?