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I made this for a friend who collects dolls. After being inspired by all of the similar cakes on cc, I finally had an excuse to give it a try. Making the dress was my first attempt at covering a cake in fondant. It was easier than I had expected. Thanks for looking! :)

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Thanks- that means a lot! I got the idea for the bodice from a cake by sweetcakes, I think. It's the doll pick with the head and arms removed. I covered the top part in black fondand and let it dry. Then I used the white to make the dress. It was easier to add the bodice of the dress once the black had dried a little.


I love how you incorporate the dress and the rest of the cake. How did you do the skirt, as one long piece or as a circle with a hole for the body cut out?


Thank you all for the compliments. HIPrincess- I rolled out a circle of fondant and then stuck the body pick through the fondant after putting the fondant on the cake. The small piece of fondant wrapped around the waist stabilized the body. I hope that made sense.