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I made this a few months ago but didn't format it to the right size until now. The pleats at the bottom are still a problem I have so if anyone has any advice, it would be appreciated. I was happy with how this turned out, though, and the friend who i gave it to was thrilled. I got lots of "oohs", and "YOU MADE THAT?" and "When I get married your going to be my caker"s. Of course, I'm only 14 and the b-day girl was 13 :)


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Great Job!!!! Don't worry the fondant will get better with practice. When you put the fondant on the cake make sure that there's not too much overhang. As soon as you lay the fondant ove the cake very lightly roll over the cake with your rolling pin (remember not too much pressure), and the as you're smoothing the sides make sure to pull the fondant away from the cake. If you start to see pleats pull out the fondant and smooth until the pleats are gone. Again, GREAT JOB!!!!! :D


Thanks C-Lady. I'll definitely try that next time I use fondant. How much "extra" do you usually roll out that you cut off the ends? I only do about an inch or 2 all the way around but it seems like some people roll out so much extra! Is it neccessary?