Groom's Ice Cream Sundae Or Banana Split

Groom's Ice Cream Sundae Or Banana Split on Cake Central

I did this cake (completely of cake and icing) with no use of ice cream any where! Everyone went crazy over it at the reception. Ignore the paper supports under the banana ends (I forgot to slip them out before the photographer took the pic). Also other side of cake has better straighter ridges in the buttercream (used side of a paint brush). The cake has 4 different kinds of cake in it (strawberry, spice, cherry chocolate chip, pistachio cake). Banana was banana flavored chocolate modeling clay.

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thank you so much! One other thing the banana I had a real one that I modeled it after. I used a bamboo skewer and "nicked" the sides to make it have that peeled look to it at 2:00AM the day before the wedding. I was only wanting a couple of compliments but it was amazing how everyone at the wedding wanted to talk to me. I even heard ,"wont it melt with all that icecream?" HA! Ultimate compliment!