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Ok this is my grape cake i decided to do since i still had all the stuff from my wilton class last year. this cake turned out all wrong. I got crumbs in the frosting, i couldn't get it smooth, one of my vines is way to big and Last but not least i think my green icing is way to thin cause i couldn't get a decent leaf to form. plus i think there was a clog in the tip.. ugg my husband said it looked great but i think it could have been better.. any suggestions.

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I think it looks great! Your grapes are fantastick! And if you ever think your icing is too thin all you have to do is add more powdered sugar to it, it will make your icing a little sweeter but its better than starting over. Just make sure you sift the sugar to avoid lumps. But all in all I think you did good!


I'm so glad to see you doing one for the heck of it! And yes, you are being too hard on yourself The grapes are great. The suggestion about adding some ps if your icing gets too thin is exact. Have you tried the viva towel method for smoothing? It's great. You'll only get better from here!!! Great job! :D


I like it. I think you are being too hard on yourself. When I'm working on a cake -- I see every single flaw. But when it's finished, overall it looks pretty good. Nice job, think I'll try one like it too!