Jack O' Lantern

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Made from 2 8" rounds and 2 pyrex casserole dishes. Buttercream airbrushed. Had a blast making this. For a 7 year olds birthday.

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I really like the idea of having the candy peeking out. Can you give us more details on how you incorporated the casserole dishes?


Thanks everyone! I was doing a wedding consult right after I got done decorating it and in the middle of it I had to move the cake and said" I have to deliver this when we're done" The 4 people looked astonished and the MOB said"I thought it was a ceramic pumpkin!" :)


Cakerer- I used 2 round casserole dishes that tapered in at the bottom. One for the bottom, then the 2 8 inch rounds. Flipped the other casserole unside down, split it in half, put one layer on the pumpkin body and used the other half for the lid. I used a heating core to bake a little cake for the stem.