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That was the theme of my daughters friends 6th birthday. So I attempted my first guitar. I learned alot on how to improve it for next time. I wanted to use real wire for the silver but it wasnt' so well executed. I dont know what was up with my icing, it just wonldn' crust. I use the same recipe all the time and used part of the batch last night and it was fine, maybe it was the ghosts at my shop messing with it. ;-) I copied a Hannah Montana guitar I found and the girl's initials just happen to be opposit

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Guitar cakes are not as easy as you would think they should be. I tried my hand at it for the first time this month too. I wasnt thrilled with it but the birthday boy was. I think it looks good. I bet your daughter does too. Rock on susanscakebabies!!! 8)