Black And White Wedding Dress Shower Cake

Black And White Wedding Dress Shower Cake on Cake Central

Bridal shower theme was black and white - replica of her dress in MMF dusted with pearl dust on top of a 14" cake covered in Dark Choc Icing (instead of black). All trim and detail in bc. Roses are made from starburst fruit chews, sash is satin ribbon.

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Yes only 10-15 seconds. The darker the color the faster it gets soft. Don't know why. It was super easy for me instead of coloring a little bit of fondant.


Beautiful cake-that dress looks so life like and silkish, I want to touch it. The dainty little roses are incredible-just the perfect size for the dress & cake. Tremendous cake & work.


This has to be one of the prettiest cakes I've seen. I just love the contrast of the black and white, how clean it was done and how the dress is cascading of the cake. Beautiful!!!!