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gfields0678 Posted 4 Feb 2023 , 4:18pm
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Good morning! I have just been offered an opportunity to bake for a wedding venue, and I’m trying to figure out what to charge, per serving on a two-tier what wedding cake that feed 50. I live in a rural community where most are unwilling to pay what I need to make a little profit, but this will not be a problem with this wedding planner. 

I’ve baked a while, but just got licensed last year, so this is a prayer answered.


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-K8memphis Posted 4 Feb 2023 , 7:19pm
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5y'know i was gonna say start at $5 per but i don't really know -- i've been out of the loop for so long and everything is sky high now -- look at eggs alone -- and i'm just speaking from experience -- i haven't priced out a cake in ages -- i'm retired -- probably needs to be more like $6 ~

(i don't know why that print is so big ^^^)

then start adding on to that -- more for special  fillings, fondant, more for gum paste flowers -- but the $6 would cover a fully decorated buttercream cake -- but give the price as a per serving -- so if it's a fifty serving cake and you need to charge $25 more for the extras -- then add the $300 + $25 = $325 and divide that by fifty to get the per serving price $6.50 per -- and charge for delivery too -- 

but still i don't think you'll make much money -- but i'm really happy for your great opportunity and i wish you the sweetest success!


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taartenmaker Posted 5 Feb 2023 , 6:06pm
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God bless you in Jesus mighty name . prayin this works

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jchuck Posted 9 Feb 2023 , 8:42pm
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I don’t sell anymore, like K8memphis I’ve not priced a cake and or serving’s for quite some time. You definitely have to consider how prices for ingredients have skyrocketed. There are free cake decorating calculators online. Where you can put in your ingredients, time etc to get a value. 

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kakeladi Posted 12 Feb 2023 , 8:37pm
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Pricing goes far beyond the cost of ingredients.  Just a v3ery few of the 1000+ things that need t be taken into account are:

Time & cost of learning, equipment - from pans & spatulas to oven & fridge; non-edible supplies like toothpicks, waxpaper etc - cake boards & boxes.  As you mentioned location plays an extremely important role but seem to think it won't in this case.   Then we get to ingredients.  Included will be the cot of time spent consulting, planning the design, shopping, baking & finishing your creations.  Next up - car expenses for shopping & delivery will include the cost of the vehicle, fuel, insurange, tires, etc & even the "cost" of time away from family should be considered.  

As I said, just a very few things that must be considered


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doz Posted 14 Feb 2023 , 6:20pm
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You could also check in your area what the local bakeries charge per slice.  

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kakeladi Posted 12 Mar 2023 , 2:26pm
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If anyone is still interested in this…I had a similar setup…w/o the base …just the stands.  Worked well for several setups. 

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810whitechoc Posted 16 May 2023 , 9:53am
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I haven't posted in a long time, I am a business owner and what jumped out at me about your post was the fact that you need to change your mind set and behaviour from a hobby baker who doesn't necessarily need to count and account for every penny, to a business owner who does. As a business owner you need to have all of your costs/recipes on an easy to update spreadsheet, there is no shortcut for this. With the rapidly changing costs we currently have, you need to be able to update easily and make sure your products/cakes are making the profit they need to make for you to stay in business and make enough money. As other people have said there are so many components that need to be taken into account and just guessing at a price and hoping it is ok is not a professional way of approaching running a business. I hope this doesn't sound like I am having a go at you, because I am not, but I often have people ask me for tips about starting a business and the first thing I say is behave like a business owner. You have to know how much it costs you, and include everything, in order to know if you are making a profit. If you are working for nothing or at a loss this is not an answer to a prayer but a millstone around your neck. Having said all that I hope I don't sound too heavy handed, it sounds like a great opportunity and if you can make it work and turn a profit it could be a base for regular money coming in. Another thing to consider, it is easy to lose money in the detail on this kind of thing. Is it possible to have a set range of cakes/designs for brides to choose from that you are confident and comfortable to make that don't stress you out? If they are only small, budget conscious weddings it is perfectly appropriate to do this, and unrealistic of the bride to expect a custom cake with all bells and whistles.

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MamaGeese Posted 30 Aug 2023 , 4:27pm
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Totally agree with 810whitechoc. I didn't follow this tough guide and my home business failed, even though I had the best cakes around. The costs of ingredients now days are OUTRAGEOUS. The average couple has no idea what all goes into it. You almost have to take out a loan just for quality vanilla extract. Please read that post a million times and take that advice. The best advice I've ever read! 

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kakeladi Posted 31 Aug 2023 , 6:09pm
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I agree also.   I tried twice to run a bakery and failed for those exact reasons…didn’t know a thing about being a business owner…how or why you should do this and why.  Study everything you can…as momma goose said read the posts here a million times so the info sinks in! 

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ReginaCoeliB Posted 2 Sep 2023 , 1:23am
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I remember when I took the Cost Control class back in college...I had an excellent teacher, with lots of experience... He used to say that for every 100 business open each year less than 10 will be standing next year, and less than five after 2 years. The killer? He said none of them failed because their products were bad... They had in fact excellent products! They knew their recipes, great and skilled in flavor, execution and presentation...but they fail miserably AT THE NUMBERS! "IT IS THE COST CONTROL THAT IS GOING TO KILL YOU DREAM!" He used to yell! Oh boy, he was so right!

That cost control class was memorable, as important as my sanitation and safety class and the cake decorating one. A whole semester learning every detail that will drain your profit... from that extra napkin to the pennies for gas...I never had time for such numbers...And trust me as an engineer I'm pretty good with numbers. I bake to make people happy... Good luck and do your homework well if a business is in your mind! Do not dare if you are not planning to be among those 5 that will be standing to the end!

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