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SandraSmiley Posted 17 Nov 2021 , 7:59pm
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I've been checking in a couple of times a day.  Just make a Chicago Cubs birthday cake for a friend-of-a-friend.  It will travel to Chicago this Saturday.  I am sending it frozen and hope the fondant doesn't get too warm and sag before serving.  A few days ago, I completed a piece for another collaboration, this one if fashions from the 30's to the 90's.  I give you one guess what I chose, lol!

Lynne, your cakes were fantastic!  I don't know how you did so many at one time.  I would be dead!

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ReginaCoeliB Posted 18 Nov 2021 , 12:23am
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Daughter is doing well, better than expected! She came back as joyful as she always was, and she picked her life her just were she left it! Made bread and cakes last week and is already working on a little girl dress...with embroidery, frills and everything. I moved her downstairs for her to keep her monastic routine at home... she wakes up at five a.m. and recites the Divine Office! So far, soooo good! Thanks for asking!!!

Again, I wish I could see the cake pictures... a link anyone?... well, not a FB one!

Sandra, do you freeze a cake and send it to Chicago? How in the world do you do that? Is it someone taking it there? You are not using courier... are you? Goodness a cake from TN to IL sounds amazing...details please!

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SandraSmiley Posted 18 Nov 2021 , 1:24am
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I am so happy to hear your precious daughter is not discouraged and resumed her routine at home so easily.  I know you are loving having her home!

Yes, my next door neighbor is from Chicago and she is going back to her sister's house for Thanksgiving.  She is driving and will carry the cake, which is for her friend's birthday celebration on the 21st.  Her friend has been diagnosed with some really aggressive cancer, so I wanted to be sure she had a special cake.  They are all crazy for the Chicago Cubs, so that it the cake's theme.  It is chocolate and has vanilla buttercream, so would be just fine, health wise, but I am concerned that the fondant might get saggy, if it stays at room temperature for an extended period, so I am sending it frozen.  It will thaw in the box on the six hour trip, I am sure, but hopefully will stay chilled.

I have all of my cakes on Twitter and that is all that is on my page, so it is the easiest place to see my cakes.  I have not made a picture of the Cubs cake.

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ReginaCoeliB Posted 18 Nov 2021 , 1:35pm
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Oh, driving the cake to Chicago...that makes sense! And the link was awesome...Don't you have twitter Kakeladi? I was able to look around in twitter without having to sing in. I'll be waiting for the cubs cake. And God bless your heart over and over again Sandra for such noble cake causes!

Did you all get you goodies for next week? I went shopping around yesterday and most stuff is expensive and hard to find :( But even for that...I'm thankful!

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jchuck Posted 19 Nov 2021 , 12:29am
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Looking forward to your kakes kakeladi/lynne….know you will post on fb.

Oh Regina…I see your daughter is settling in well. And how nice you’ve given her your  basement to continue her ways in the monastery.

Sandra..I know your Cubs cake will be a winner. And I’m sure will arrive safely. 

Not much going on here. I’ve had a sad couple of days. My very good friend and neighbour, Eleanor, sold her house on the wknd. Been my neighbour for 34 years. I’m certainly happy for her, as it’s been a long hard road for her since her husband died 6 years ago. And PayLess Canada closed, so she instantaneously lost her job as well. Her grown son, who lives with her, isn’t handling the house sale well. Even though Eleanor had been telling  him for two years she was selling. And the last 6 months she has been slowly painting, renoing to prepare. Very disconcerting. Financially, it was a absolute must. Trying to keep up a big house with all the expenses was just too difficult.  Eleanor was very clear that at 31, her son needed to be on his own, and stand on his own two feet. Her son is married, but his wife is in Belgium. They married in Canada, but Covid has put a monkey wrench into immigration, getting his wife permanently here.  Eleanor is moving away, back to her hometown about an hour away. Our laundry rooms are right across from each other. Going to miss Eleanor flicking her laundry room lights on and off to say hello, popping over for morning coffee, having prayer and hugs when either of us are having it tough, sitting in our backyards just hanging out, going to church together…..just can’t  imagine her not living beside me. Even as I’m typing this, I’m tearing up. I know the only constant in life is change. And my dear friend will only be a phone call away. And we know we will spend time at each other’s houses having  “sleep overs”.  She is moving the end of January. So our last Christmas time together. 

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kakeladi Posted 19 Nov 2021 , 12:52am
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June I understand your sadness.  Today I got to talk to a friend from when I lived in IN.  It’s been a couple yrs since we last talked.  I miss her so much.  Most of the rest of the church group have passed on. 

Just finished a cake that’s not due until the 23rd.  I was going to just crumb coat it then I found myself putting on the fondant, then “oh heck just finish it “. HEHE.  Have nothing to do so why not :) I must say I’m delighted with how it looks.  

I tried to sign up on Twitter but it keeps saying “error try again later”.   Ent thru everything 3 tim same results  :(. 

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jchuck Posted 20 Nov 2021 , 5:37pm
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Thanks for your kinds words kakeladi/lynne…❤️  Yes, I remember both my mom/m-I-l feeling sad losing neighbours and church friends. So glad you had the opportunity to talk to your lovely friend.

And kudos for finishing the cake!!!!  I’ll be starting my grandson’s 8th bday cake soon. My daughter hasn’t decided if she is having a children’s party and a adult family party too.  As for Twitter, I figured with email, Fb and Instagram, that’s enough for me!!!!! My kids signed me up for Twitter when it first came out. Never kept the info. Neither of my kids are on it either. 

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-K8memphis Posted 20 Nov 2021 , 5:44pm
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so, lots to talk about -- sandra, your work is just so strikingly lovely -- brava!

reggie, yes the prices! usually price of staples comes down for holidays -- but wow -- this is the second year we're getting this lovely smoked and fully cooked turkey -- and probably the last because the price went up 25%! i mean it's a splurge in the first place but wow --

june i think it's so sweet about the flashing laundry room lights -- lotsa changes -- great memories --

lynne -- how cool you got to talk to your dear friend!

i saw this on tv or somewhere:

"this year for thanksgiving count your blessings -- it's easier and more fun than counting calories"


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-K8memphis Posted 20 Nov 2021 , 10:57pm
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where's theresa?

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-K8memphis Posted 20 Nov 2021 , 11:01pm
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in other news -- i went to a crafts fair today as a wannabe vendor of treasure boxes for next year -- just to spy out the land -- it was really cool! then there's one in two weeks i'm gonna check out also for next year -- 

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kakeladi Posted 21 Nov 2021 , 7:44pm
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K8 that’s the best way to decide if any of those fairs are worth your time & energy.  

I only tried Twitter because Regina mentioned it.  I did get a message from them that I’m signed up after all.  Haven’t been back. hehehe  and I’ve NO idea how to post at all so adding pix is going to be a royal problem probably 

Yesterday I spent the day making Christmas cookies only to end up 2 short of what I need :(.  Plus daughter kept coming in to cook—- she usually cooks all weekend to take as lunch @ work but I figured since school is out for the holiday break she wouldn’t—- so we kept getting in ea others way.  I did manage to complete 3 dozen—need 4 so need to wait until Monday.   I’ll freeze them since They’re not due for delivery until next week.  But that brings up another problem…….

Took car to mechanic Thursday & still haven’t heard back from him:(.  He told me he would have to drop the gas tank in order to do tests; some dozen things possible.  Getting worried—-daughter had similar problems until about 6 months later her tranny died completely.  The old workhorse is an ‘04 Ford Explorer I bought new & has given me very little trouble 

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-K8memphis Posted 21 Nov 2021 , 11:41pm
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lynne- hope your vehicle has the least of the dozen possible issues or none at all would be my first choice blush so if i understand this correctly you were two cookies short of the four dozen that you needed so that means you get to eat ten right? clap

so yeah, all the vendors i spoke to had very good days there, as in lucrative -- and the atmosphere was cheerful -- i'm very encouraged -- while there i met the guy who runs the craft fair one neighborhood over --so i signed up on that email list too --

i wished i coulda got it together for this year but it's all good -- also i found a seamstress who can help me make the innards for the cigar box purses i'm gonna make too --

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SandraSmiley Posted 22 Nov 2021 , 1:05am
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June, I am sorry you lost your friend, being only arms length away.  At least she will still be near enough to visit.

Kate, you are going to blow people away with your boxes!  You should have a good supply by next spring.

Thank you, sweet Anna.  I have very little family and few friends left, so it is important to me to reach out to other people.

The Cubs cake made it to the party and the birthday lady loved it.  No good pics, but I did post on Twitter.  Lynne, to post your pictures on Twitter, go to your own page.  If you are not on your page when you open Twitter, click on your name and photo at the bottom of the left side bar.  That should open up your page.  To add a photo, click on the blue, oval button in the left side bar, which says Tweet.  It will instruct you from there.  It is super easy, much easier than this site, even when it was working.

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-K8memphis Posted 22 Nov 2021 , 5:29pm
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thank you, sandra!

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kakeladi Posted 24 Nov 2021 , 6:10am
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I’ve had problems logging in.  If I remember I’ll check in the morning our old cookbook for your recipe K8.  

you did NOT wish hard enough dear K8:( 

My dear old car has all but bite the dust :( 

It runs ok but it spews out smoke/is burning oil.   Estimate to fix? New motor — $3-5K.   Here in CA we have to have a car smog tested every other year.  No way will it pass which means it cannot be licensed/driven on the road .  The mechanic offered to **try** a “bush fix” which will run about $3-500 but no guarantee it will pass smog test.   So now I have to decide what to do.  Couple that with a notice from dept of motor vehicles wanting to maybe pull my drivers license I’ve got a lot to consider:(. I have until at least January to make up my mind.  Have to do something before DMV makes me take a driving test in my car.  a date for which will probably be set on Dec 31 when  I have a phone appointment With them .  UUGGG! 

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-K8memphis Posted 24 Nov 2021 , 1:25pm
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so sorry, lynne — car troubles can be so daunting and bothersome — my car is 20 yrs old too — 

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jchuck Posted 26 Nov 2021 , 12:41am
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K8 ….Theresa is certainly active on Instagram….not sure why she hasn’t been on CC??? Next time I’m on IG, I’ll mention the CC gals miss her. Perhaps Theresa hasn’t been able to log on??? We all know what that’s like.

And how exciting about the craft fair…you can certainly be prepared for next year. I don’t think you will have difficulty selling your lovely boxes. 

Kakeladi…3/4 dozen cookies…oh my. I love baking cookies, it’s decorating that’s the bugaboo. I love doing royal icing, but I ABSOLUTELY HATE, making all the different colours, and loading the piping bags!!!!!! You know I googled to see if I could buy pre-made coloured royal icing. Nope……couldn’t find anywhere. Big market being missed out on.  And car troubles….thank goodness we haven’t had any issues for a long time. I can so remember being sidelined financially because we needed extensive car repairs. Always, of course, at the most inconvenient time. Before a holiday, or vacation..grrrr

So looks like you might actually have to consider a new vehicle…sounds like you got your money’s worth, since car has been around from 04. 


Yes you’re right, my friend is still vistable…about 45-55 minutes away, depending on traffic. And of course, only a phone call away. Both Steve and I feel (and my kids too) that my/our friend  is making a very big mistake. She has lived longer in our city than in the city she grew up in. Her sister is there, and has waaaaay too much influence on her. And very invasive in her life. One of the reasons she loved living in my city was it gave her distance from her sister. And her church and so many other friends, besides me, are here. We’re just concerned once she buys, if she feels it was a mistake, no way will she be able to afford to move back to my/our area.  Her daughter lives about 20 minutes from me, next city over. She is very, very upset her Mom is moving so far away. They see each other and grandson, a lot. That’s the one thing I just can’t get my head around, that she will be so far away from her only grandchild. No way would we move a distance away from ours. Oh well, nothing I/we can do. It is what it is. 

And glad you’re cake arrived safely. Got a look at the cake, looks terrific. 

I started working on my grandson’s minecraft cake….oh crap, just shoot me now!!! I made one figure today. Not hard, but just so darn fiddly!!!!  Squaring everything up, a royal pain. I’m dreading making the sword. I suck at math…measuring and cutting…..arrrrg. What we do for our grandkids!!!

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