How Much Would You Charge For This Cake

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tal Posted 10 Sep 2021 , 12:49pm
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I am being asked to make this baby shower cake. I have never done cakes as a business and this one stumps me.  They do not want it covered in fondant; all bc.  Cake flavors would be choc, vanilla with vanilla bc and peanut butter frosting.  Animals and blocks will be provided but all other fondant details I would be placing on the cake.  As far as size, they need a cake to provide for 45 ppl BUT they want it to look like this - I see a 10"/8"/6" and 5" height?  

Any one tell me what they would charge for a cake of this size?  Remembering that I start from scratch.  I do not have frozen cakes, or premade frosting and all fondant details would be made from hand - not purchased.

Thank you all!

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jchuck Posted 10 Sep 2021 , 7:42pm
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So much depends on where you live in the world. Prices vary greatly from country to country….city, town, village. And also the market in your area. 

Where I live in Canada, this would be a 

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jchuck Posted 10 Sep 2021 , 7:45pm
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Sorry, some glitch happened. I could charge $350 easily for this cake. 

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-K8memphis Posted 11 Sep 2021 , 1:34pm
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the 10x8x6 is way bigger than you need -- from the top down each tier gets taller -- if you do each one five inches tall it will be a completely different look -- I think I would do a 7x5x3 for 45 servings or you could go up an inch -- I'd probably charge around $400

 depending on how close to the original you want to be one roadblock you might run into is proportion -- so I would control the design meaning they're not going to get to supply the animals & blocks because they're not going to fit the right -- 

I mean it just depends on the definition of  "BUT they want it to look like this"

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-K8memphis Posted 11 Sep 2021 , 2:14pm
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but the $400 is me doing the blocks and animals -- less otherwise

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tal Posted 12 Sep 2021 , 1:58pm
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Thank you all.  They already purchased the animas and blocks for this size which to me feeds way more than 45 ppl.  That was my concern if I scale down the figures will look out of proportion to the size of the cake. 

My thought for 45 was the 8/6/4 - ugh!!!! Anxiety just thinking about this…..maybe I will defer this one

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-K8memphis Posted 12 Sep 2021 , 2:58pm
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it's really hard to configure until you make them nail down what they want because they are giving you whiplash here but you can still pull this out of the fire --

they have tp pick one:

1,) do they want the cake exactly as pictured? (then they ditch the decor they bought)

2,) do they want a cake of 45 servings with the decor they purchased, decorated in the style of the picture with the leaves and flowers -- three tiers each one five inches tall but not in that profile -- will look completely different than the picture -- 

when they decide that you can figure out tier sizes -- 8x6x4 will be a tad shy of 45 servings if they are all 5" tall --

but once they decide #1 or #2 you are free & clear but those are their only choices -- i mean just for your own sanity -- and hammer home the proportion thing where whatever they bought will be taller or shorter than the photo but it will still be very pretty -- while you're at it mention that buttercream will look a lot different than fondant too --

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SandraSmiley Posted 12 Sep 2021 , 3:46pm
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If they insist upon that size cake, charge them accordingly, not just for the 45 servings.  That really is one gorgeous cake.  Evil Cake Genius has molds for the foliage, if you are interested.

Like Kate, I would charge a minimum of $400, even for the smaller size, and $600 if they insist on the larger size.  They may want left overs.

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kakeladi Posted 12 Sep 2021 , 4:31pm
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Pricing is sooo very complicated!  

It goes far beyond cost of ingredients.  Just a very few of the 1050+ things that need to be taken into account are:  time & cost of learning; equipment — from pans & spatulas to oven & fridge; non-edible supplies; your location before even talking any money. —do you l& your customers live in a rural area, small town, city or major/expensive city?  There are people from all over the world on These forums.  What they charge has nothing to do with you partly due to their location & their money is different!  

Now we get into the actual cost of ingredients - this includes time spent consulting, planning, designing, shopping, baking & finishing your creations.  Your car expenses For shopping & delivery—the vehicle, fuel, insurance; tires etc;  & even the “cost” of time away from family should be considered. 

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tal Posted 13 Sep 2021 , 1:40pm
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All of this advice is soo very helpful!  I know they want this:

1.  the cake to look as close to the picture as possible

2. already bought the animals/blocks

3.  only inviting 45-50 ppl

4. I mentioned that bc will look totally different than fondant - ok with that

5. they want the cake to look "tall" like the picture

Since I do this as a hobby, I will do all from scratch. I don't have cakes that are frozen, or fondant that is already made, so I have a lot of work to put forth with this one...

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tal Posted 13 Sep 2021 , 1:43pm
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I think if they want it like the picture, then it should be 10/8/6 - that way the animals will be in proportion - BUT they will have a ton of extra cake left over.

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tal Posted 13 Sep 2021 , 2:46pm
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Never heard of them before - thank you!  Need to make another cake later this year and will check them out!

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-K8memphis Posted 15 Sep 2021 , 11:30am
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the animals in the picture seem to be graduated backwards — the lion is biggest, even bigger than the elephant and the giraffe is smallest — maybe because they were made for the size of the cake idk — so just be aware of that as you go — the animals they bought are possibly more true to life and if the blocks are bigger they’ve ensured their idea of it looking like the picture won’t be happening — and that’s on them —

one thing I tried to avoid is when people want the exact look of a picture or as close as possible then make design decisions that perfectly exactly prevent that — 

so they’re gonna get a beautiful and tasty work of art — you, tal, remember that there’s no way for you to grant all their wishes — it will have their main decor components, and the same leaves and flowers but don’t go comparing their picture to your cake and getting heartburn — it’s not gonna look the same  — unless the sizes of the main decor are the same —- and that’s out of your hands — 

best to you

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