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Sherryb Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 1:09am
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the teams on Martha's show are making a wedding cake. icon_biggrin.gif

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MariaLovesCakes Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 1:38am
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I know. I am watching!!!

I am just so annyoed with this reality shows...If I could just get past the bickering... icon_lol.gif

Anyway, I may not finish watching...

The oval cake is pretty but I don't think people really care for that shape or find it a little odd. I could be wrong. icon_cool.gif

The other one is really pretty and that team that did it just sold it.

I think it also has to do with their personalities... The team that hasn't sold theirs yet are a little.... how should I say, grumpy?? icon_rolleyes.gificon_biggrin.gif

I am going to do a few things before bed and then I will check the progress of the show...

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bizcocho Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 2:08am
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I agreed with Martha on the firing of that girl in the sales team. Overall I think the team did not try hard enough to make the sale, not one of them had a good attitude, much less a "try to make an effort attitude".

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Sherryb Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 2:11am
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Well the grumpy team didn't sell any and the other team sold 5.

Did you hear the price of the one that fed 125people? It was $725.
Wouldn't that be nice if we could charge that much.

The 5 cakes were $3000.

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mudpie Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 2:27am
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I thought the cake was ok..i didn't mind the oval shape or offset idea but pink has GOT to be on it's way out soon, i mean..aren't all of you tired of seeing it everywhere? It's nice, but ugh!! (I really loved pink (Fushia) in the 80's and 90's, and didn't mind it's comeback..)It should have been more universal, and Martha did let the right one go! And..that guy should have been in the delivery room..could he not go home for a couple days?

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kendraanne Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 2:29am
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It was a good show. I thought both cakes were pretty. I thought that the losing team didn't try hard enough. And, I also get the impression that Martha doesn't like Sylvia Weinstock very much! icon_rolleyes.gif

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Lisa Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 2:52am
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Was there a rule against selling the oval cake with a different color ribbon?

"Sure...it's pink but yours could be made to match your wedding."

The one that sold was also only $6 per serving (reasonable) while the other was $10 per serving (Did I hear that right?)

I was busy helping my husband fix our stove so I'm not sure if I caught it all. I had to hold the flashlight icon_rolleyes.gif Fill me in if I missed something important.

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NEWTODECORATING Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 2:53am
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I thought it was an ok show. I was SHOCKED by Martha's comments on Sylvia. I mean what did she do anyway? I thought it was kind to take time out of her day to answer a few questions. I just felt it was rude.

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ellepal Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 3:06am
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I thought it was a good show...both cakes were beautiful, actually. I really liked the oval tiers with the pink, but you just can't beat a simple white wedding cake. Tradition! Yes, the one that sold the most cakes was only 6.00/serving. I guess that says something to us about not over-pricing and at the same time, giving top-notch quality!!

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alimonkey Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 3:11am
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First let me say that I missed the whole bridal show part of the program because I was putting DD to bed. DH, who is tired of everything cake, got to watch it instead. icon_confused.gif

I thought the pink cake was pretty middle America, which I don't imagine would sell too well in NYC. Also, the pink was too bright. Something more subtle may have been more successful.

I thought Martha's comments about Sylvia were just that her cakes are designed for a specific market, not necessarily mass appeal, which was the mission.

I definitely thought Shawna was the right one to go. Sylvia's comments may have been perfectly valid, but that's pretty shoddy market research that only calls up one cake designer. Shawna put herself and her team on the line by taking charge and not following through. I was really glad Martha overrode the project leader's choices.

I don't really like either of the teams. The corporate team pretty much stands for a lot of things I don't agree with, but the creative team just seems unprofessional and whiny to me.


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Mac Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 3:13am
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I agree, the white one was more elegant and traditional. Not to mention, less expensive. The Matchstick team really didn't seem to be pursuing anybody. It was like they didn't believe in themselves or the cake, and it truly showed.

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cakesbycathy Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 5:37am
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This was the first time I've watched the show (although DH and I were avid watchers of the Apprentice with Donald the last two seasons) and the only reason I watched tonight was because they were doing the wedding cakes.

I agree - why couldn't you do a bow to go with the bride's colors? Maybe it would have looked better if the bow had been white instead.

$10 and $6 a slice for cake icon_surprised.gif And I was worried about charging $3! Of course those are NYC prices

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missmersh Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 5:57am
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Ali, I think what you said about the pink being too bright was right. I also think that when Sylvia W. said that pink was "in" she was talking about a more subtle pink. I think she also meant that the whole cake should be like a candlelight pink, not pink bows. I thought the bows were ok, but I have seen MUCH better bows by our members here on CC.

I thought it was kinda funny that they staged the team members with piping bags in their hands....like THEY were the ones doing the work on the cakes. LOL

I am soooo glad that Martha over-rode the decision of the leader of the creative team. This was the first episode I have seen, but the poor girl that didn't say anything the whole time and the girl that stayed up all night, CERTAINLY did not deserve to be the ones chosen. I am so glad Shawna got the boot. I know it is hard to sell something that you don't believe in or have strong feelings about, but she should have "faked it" LOL That is what selling is, according to her, but she sure didn't show it. You could plainly see that she didn't like that cake. And she just kept trying to TOUCH IT!!!! LOL!!! I would have smacked her!

The ivory cake was just lovely!!!! I was shocked that they only charged $6/slice for it...especially being in New York. The other one should have been $6. It was pretty, but definitely not as nice as the ivory one.

All in all, I LOVED THIS show!!!! icon_biggrin.gif I think they will be airing it again on CNBC sometime this week. They did that with the last show.

I would have hated to be in this competition. LOL Not really, but I would have been FREAKIN NERVOUS as heck!!

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Mac Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 12:19pm
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miss mersh--
I agree with you, they were definitely stages with bags in hand. There is no way they could turn out a wedding cake that looked that professional on the first try. Also, delivering pink cake and serving cakes without a box--what was up with that? I know some do that but it would be my luck that something would smack or fly right into the side of the cake. I also use a piece of foam underneath my cake to absorb the bumps.

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thecakemaker Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 12:42pm
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This is the first time i've watched. I did just because of the cakes. I think the right person went! She is the one that said "pink" and then didn't like the pink! I'm sure it's hard to sell something you don't believe in but if that's what they're supposed to be doing they weren't even trying. I felt sorry for the girl that was up all night. She did her part and then some only to have everyone criticize her work.

I thought the cake that was sold was pretty but I felt like it needed something more. Maybe something on top?


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Kos Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 1:00pm
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I'm a reality show junkie. icon_razz.gif
Love Martha, love Apprentice, love Survivor, and especially love Amazing Race. I thought what Martha said about Sylvia was tactful. Sylvia also said that no one likes cupcake wedding cakes because of the papers. There have been some really beautiful cupcake wedding cakes on this site so that threw me a little and then Martha said you don't even need the papers. There seems to be a lot of whiners on this show but still entertaining. I'm so used to watching kids shows that anything remotely "adult" is a thrill for me! icon_lol.gif

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adven68 Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 1:07pm
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I enjoyed the show but there is no way that these folks made these cakes. Fondant needs to be mastered to look that good.......and that piping just doesn't come to you....you need practice practice practice!!!!

We all know better....don't we?

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MrsMissey Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 1:10pm
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Kos...I'm with you...I love reality TV...Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race...but I didn't care for this show too much.

The right person was dismissed...that girl needs an attitude adjustment for sure.

I am curious who made the beautiful flowers on top of the pink cake? They were really pretty.

I was hoping the show would have been more about the actual "making" of the cake...oh well! It was still fun to watch!

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MariaLovesCakes Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 1:14pm
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Originally Posted by NEWTODECORATING

I thought it was an ok show. I was SHOCKED by Martha's comments on Sylvia. I mean what did she do anyway? I thought it was kind to take time out of her day to answer a few questions. I just felt it was rude.

I went to bed before the show ended...

What did she say exactly about Sylvia... Maybe because Sylvia is a strong person and can speak her mind and mabye Martha and Sylvia have had their exchange of words.... ???? Maybe??? Anyone knows???

Well, I think Syliva can do a LOT better job on cakes than Martha!!!!

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alengirl Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 1:34pm
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I don't know how much of the acutal cake they did, but the 2 girls from the matchstick team are chefs. . . but then again that doesn't say much considering it's a TV show and you CAN'T believe everything you see icon_eek.gif.

Last night was my first time watching the show - I read a post about it yesterday - thanks to who ever it was that posted it thumbs_up.gif

I think the right person was dimissed. She thought she was "Miss Thing" & she knew everything. How quickly she began "retracking" what she had said earlier. When that little 12 year-old project manager picked the 2 girls that baked and worked on the cake with the professional baker, I was so upset! It was not their fault the cake didn't get sold. It was the sales team's fault. Just think of how many times we've all bought something that we didn't really think was all that, but the sales person did such a good job, you break down and buy it. I know we've all been there & done that, can any one say "Make-up counter" at the mall??? You see??? The sales team had to support and promote the cake, no matter what their particular preferences were. They didn't even find out if they could give people color scheme options. . . Man-Oh-Man I would've LOVED to have participated in that contest.

And the nerve of that woman Shawn to come waltzing in the morning all rested and start to crticize everything about the cake! You just DON'T do that! After all, the pink was done b/c of her conversation with Sylvia Winestock. . . all they had to do was LOOK icon_eek.gif at Martha's magazines!
Gee, I subscribe to her Wedding Magazine b/c it has so many interesting and varied ideas! More that enough to please everyone's tastes!

Well, that was my 2¢. . .

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MariaLovesCakes Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 1:44pm
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Well, I just wanted to add that I don't like reality shows... The people most of the time get on my nerves with their attitudes and almost rehearsed outbursts...

I have only watched a few and this one I only watched because of the section on cakes. I went to bed after the cakes were sold...

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missmelbox Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 1:45pm
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I don't watch the show, but yesterday I saw the forum about the show doing wedding cakes. I don't think they made the cakes-they lie alot on reality tv. I just want you ladies and gentlemen to know that some of you on here can charge 6/10 per slice b/c I've seen cakes in the gallery that look just as good or better. I'm trying to get as good as you guys are!

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twindees Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 2:11pm
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It was also my first time watching (Only because they were doing cakes), but I liked the show. I liked both cakes the ivory one the most. i think matchbox should have done the cake in all white or tell people that the pink can be changed to what ever they wanted it to be.

I loved martha's decision to fire Shawn. She had too much mouth. I am so glad her words came back to bite her in the you know what.

I ws thinking the samething. There is no way they could have finished those cakes and they look that good.

I will be watching next week.

If anyone know when the show will air again please tell. I would love to see it again. I missed parts of it. (I had to get the baby to bed).

My 2 cents.

twindees Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
twindees Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 2:12pm
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I felt the cakes were a bit expensive and I am in New York. $6 was o.k but $10 I don't know.

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alengirl Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 2:23pm
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twindees, just gotta say, I love your quote on the bottom of your posts. . .

"Good cakes aren't cheap,
Cheap cakes aren't good"

That's an awesome quote!


twindees Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
twindees Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 2:24pm
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Thank you, But it's true.

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bubblezmom Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 2:29pm
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Martha didn't say anthing mean about Sylvia. She said that Sylvia caters to a niche market. The task was to create a cake with mass appeal. I love Martha, but I don't know where she got this bunch of candidates. They are pitiful compared to Trump's candidates. Seeing how so many people would love to work for Martha, I can't understand why they don't have more talented people on her show. Half of her candidates barely seem sane. icon_razz.gif

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TraciJ Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 2:45pm
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This was also my first time watching the show. I missed the first 10 minutes where I suppose the rules were laid out. I assumed that they had to sell the cakes "as is" and not make any design changes, including color, based on the remarks made by the sales people on the losing team. Also, because the man that oversees the group said that they had a bad sales attack.

I think that Martha certainly made the right choice. That woman wouldn't take any responsibility for her poor attitude and then to retract such a bold statement? C'mon! Be a grownup! I actually liked both cakes. Though, I did see the top tier bulging pretty noticibly on one of the shots when they were selling it (could've been the angle, but it looked bad to me).

I was shocked that the project leader chose the two that he did - one who was trying to throw REASON into the project and not go over the top and the other one who stayed up all night with it? I was floored.


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MariaLovesCakes Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 2:49pm
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The woman that you are talking about, is it the one with the blond very short hair?

I didn't like her the moment I saw her enter the room in teams at the beginning of the show.

Did you notice how she came in with her hand inside her pant side pocket, like saying..."I am all that, look at me?"

Is this the one that got fired? Just her and who else?

alengirl Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
alengirl Posted 6 Oct 2005 , 2:50pm
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Yup, that was her Maria. . .

She got was she truly deserved!

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