Desserts For Bridal Shower

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angesradieux Posted 2 Mar 2020 , 1:38am
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Thanks. This whole thing has been pretty stressful. Tbh, I didn't even really want to be maid of honor, but when I tried to talk to my dad about my feelings on the subject he told me I was being self-righteous and ridiculous. Then my sister started pressuring me for an answer via text, and flat out refused to meet with me when I told her I wanted to talk about some things in person first. And my aunt told me I could decline, but then if whatever remains of my relationship with my sister went up in smoke because of it, that was on me. So I caved to the pressure and said I would do it.

As far as wine and painting, I kind of expect everyone's painting to come out less than stellar. I guess the point is to enjoy the experience more than the end product? I probably ordered more wine than we need, but as with the dessert my attitude I'd rather have extra bottles to bring home than end up running out. I like white or rose, I know other people attending prefer red. There are other people coming I don't really know, so I have no clue what they drink. So I picked out two bottles each of rose, sauvignon blanc, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot. Probably excessive, but worst case scenario I can keep the extra wine for myself.

I also planned out the decor and layout for the dessert table.

Desserts For Bridal Shower

The cake will go on the cake stand, I plan to arrange the cupcakes around the base. The cookies will be divided between the two plates, surrounding the flower arrangements. And I'll look for a nice paperweight, or something prettier than a fishing sinker to hold the chalkboard up, and I'll try to position it a little higher. I'll write some kind of "help yourself" note on it to make it clear everything is self-serve. Or I'll list the cake and cupcake flavors on it. Haven't decided yet.

I don't know the exact dimensions of the table at the location, but I imagine it will probably be similar.

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SandraSmiley Posted 2 Mar 2020 , 1:56am
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Your table looks beautiful and everything sounds fabulous.  Great choice with the wine selection.  Everyone should be able to find something she likes.  OK, you decisions are made.  Don't worry about it any more and try to enjoy what you are putting together.  If it doesn't satisfy everyone, you know you have given your best and that is all anyone can do.

Best of luck.

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jchuck Posted 2 Mar 2020 , 1:52pm
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That’s too bad about your family dynamics. What’s done is done now. And as Sandra posted, don’t worry about what has transpired, but enjoy the experience. Your table looks absolutely lovely, and I took concur with your wine choices. Weddings in general are stressful, even if everyone gets along. After two children being married, although weddings were enjoyable, glad they were over.

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kakeladi Posted 2 Mar 2020 , 3:01pm
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Laetia Posted 4 Mar 2020 , 12:45am
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kakeladi Posted 4 Mar 2020 , 2:17am
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A d another bump

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SandraSmiley Posted 5 Mar 2020 , 7:14pm
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angesradieux Posted 7 Mar 2020 , 4:18am
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Haven't done any baking yet, but I took care of favors today. At least for the initial guest list. As far as I know, my sister still hasn't agreed to the future mother-in-law's additions. And I guess if things change, assuming I'm informed, I'll deal with it then. I was going to do glitter wine glasses, but I discovered DIY etching is a thing. Since mod podge isn't food safe and etched glassware is dishwasher safe and totally food safe, I figured that was the way to go, so I ordered etching cream and stencils from Amazon and bought wine glasses from the dollar store. The design I decided on was a heart and the guests' names below it. I figure a wine glass goes with the drinking/painting theme and most people like personalized things.

Desserts For Bridal Shower

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Laetia Posted 7 Mar 2020 , 1:35pm
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Great gift idea and well done! 

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SandraSmiley Posted 7 Mar 2020 , 2:14pm
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Brilliant!  If that doesn't make your mom and sister happy, nothing will!  That is what I call going above and beyond to make everyone happy!

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jchuck Posted 7 Mar 2020 , 7:23pm
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Totally ditto Sandra’s remarks. Very clever idea, design and gift!!!

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SandraSmiley Posted 8 Mar 2020 , 3:43am
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theresaf Posted 8 Mar 2020 , 8:15pm
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The wineglasses were a great idea! 

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angesradieux Posted 26 Mar 2020 , 12:49am
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Well, the event is officially cancelled due to coronavirus. Not surprised, and in the long run better for my mental health. I found out recently that my parents had extended an invitation for the boyfriend to move in with us, so my sister could "live with her husband" after the wedding, and I have not been coping well, because everyone knows I don't like him and it's really hard to swallow that my parents didn't even talk to me and are so willing to put his and my sister's happiness over my own wellbeing. I had made toasting glasses as a wedding gift, but it looks like that may not be happening, either, because it's doubtful whether it will be safe to hold large gatherings by then.

Desserts For Bridal Shower

Desserts For Bridal Shower

These are the toasting glasses, inspired by Flynn Rider and Rapunzel's outfits. The Flynn glass is etched with "At last I see" and the Rapunzel glass says "the light" as a reference to their duet. Tangled is my sister's favorite Disney movie. Not visible in the photo, but I etched "happily ever after" on the stems.

The personalized wine bottles also came. The photo on one of the labels was a little grainy, but overall I thought they came out nice.

I guess one of the upsides to this whole debacle is now I have the wine to drink while we're all self-isolating at home to avoid exposure to the virus. And the rock candy, lollipops, and chocolate I had bought for the candy jars on the dessert table to feed my stress eating needs.

I am a little annoyed about the money I've spent on this, though. Especially since the event is cancelled and it's all down the drain now, I wish I would have invested in something that brought me some happiness instead. Maybe down the road I'll treat myself to some new cake toys to play with to ease some of the pain.

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jchuck Posted 26 Mar 2020 , 1:21am
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Oh angesradieux I’m so sorry. Who da thunk 2 weeks ago that this was even conceivable. Showers, weddings, birthday  celebrations cancelled over a virus!!! Is there no way you can return the wine?? When we bought wine for my daughter’s wedding and baby showers, we were able to return bottles that weren’t open.  As for the candy, always can be used in cake decorating. The wine glasses are very pretty. 

So you’re saying that you’re sister and you are in the same household? And now the fiancé is there as well?  Oh my. And you’re all locked in the house because of the virus. I hope you manage to have some space for yourself. My daughter, who was pregnant, husband and 2 1/2 yr old grandson lived with us for 3 1/2 months. Waiting for there house to close in another province, and looking for another house to buy. Our 2nd grandson was born while they were living with us. So add a newborn to the mix. Was certainly stressful. I look back and wonder how we survived it, but we did. You will too. 

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SandraSmiley Posted 26 Mar 2020 , 2:26am
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Sounds horrible, actually.  I am a big fan of personal space.  Once I started college, I never moved back home except for a few weekends.  Couldn't wait to be independent.

It sounds to me like most or all of the things you bought for the shower are shelf stable, so why not just hang on to everything until this is all over and see what happens.  If they set a new date and the wine and candy has already been consumed, you will have to spend the money all over again.  

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kakeladi Posted 26 Mar 2020 , 4:15am
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The others expressed my thoughts Sandra said it best to hang tight & maybe in a few months the event will be on again

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angesradieux Posted 26 Mar 2020 , 3:44pm
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The boyfriend hasn't moved in yet. It was supposed to happen after the wedding. For now it's my parents, my sister, and I all stuck together in a house. But even though it hasn't happened yet, I'm still pretty resentful. One, I think if they really felt they needed to live together after being married, they should have waited until they were in a position to do so. Second, they still won't even really be living together. My sister goes to school out of state. She comes home for the occasional weekend and over the breaks. If he moves in, I'm probably going to have to end up dealing with him more than she is. The whole thing is totally ridiculous. I came very close to backing out of being maid of honor, if this wedding even happens at this point, over it. It just makes me angry that everyone lets my sister do whatever she wants without ever stopping to think about how it might effect me. Perks of being the golden child, I guess. I'd love to move out, but I'm just not making enough for that right now.

I special ordered wine with custom made labels with my sister's picture on them, so I can't really return it. It also doesn't really make sense to save it in case the event is rescheduled because the labels have the intended dates of the shower and wedding on them. Personalizing things seemed like a good idea at the time, but now it complicates things. I guess the candy will still be fine to use if it's rescheduled, and the wine glass favors don't have a date on them, so those can be saved. I can also save the plates, flower arrangements, and other decorations, so it's not a total waste.

At least I hadn't gotten around to starting to bake yet.

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