How Much Would You Charge? Unsatsfied Customer

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C.cake Posted 22 Jun 2018 , 6:24pm
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Hello, I'm new to this website and have never made a cake like this before.

How much would you charge for this Cake? It's a 6 inch four layered oreo cake with vanilla smbc and oreo filling. Decorated with fondant and gold luster dust.

This was my first cake order and it turned out poorly: she wanted the cake within two days, she asked for a pic (which i probably shouldnt have sent), made changes as per requested (wanted a solid band at base, ring on top instead of around cake)How Much Would You Charge? Unsatsfied Customer, resent images and then she backed out an hour before the sale because she "didn't like the squares sticking out". 

I bake from my parents home and am trying to save up money for university (which I say at the beginning). Now I'm concerned that people will continually back out/refund so I will just be working so hard for nothing. I also feel that people send images of cakes but we cannot replicate any cake perfectly, so they'll always be unsatisfied.

Thank you for reading and any feedback.How Much Would You Charge? Unsatsfied CustomerHow Much Would You Charge? Unsatsfied Customer

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cai0311 Posted 22 Jun 2018 , 9:36pm
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I charge $5/serving for a fondant covered cake, no matter the cake flavor/filling. A 6" round services 12 (I always use wedding cake serving sizes because all my cakes are at least 4" tall). So that cake would be $60.

Next time have the customer pay in advance so they can't back out. If there are any issues a refund can be issued, but issues are rare. 

Your cake looks great. The customer was not fair in her complaint.

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whatthedogate Posted 22 Jun 2018 , 10:46pm
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That's a beautiful cake and it is obvious that you spent a good deal of time on it.  Sorry that happened to you.  Next time collect money up front even if just your estimated  cost of ingredients so that you're not out that expense.  And I totally agree with the frustration of people wanting their cake to look exactly like a picture; especially since those photos can be photo shopped and snapped in beautiful lighting. 

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cutiger Posted 23 Jun 2018 , 2:45am
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When people send me a pic, I tell them that it will not look exactly like the picture, but that I will get as close to it as I can.  That way, they know from the get go that it won't be exact.  I've never had any complaints doing it that way.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with your cake, you did a great job!  Don't let one bad apple get ya down!

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kakeladi Posted 23 Jun 2018 , 5:16pm
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You created a very nice, well designed cake with only 2 days notice and the so-called customer said "I don't want it" ?!?   So sorry to hear of such bad manners.  Now, change your line of thinking.  It does/should not matter to any body what you plan to do with the $$ you get from creating.  And as someone else said, get at least a down payment on orders over $25.   (I get the impression from your post that you are not in the USA so don't know what the money would be other than dollars)    Also, what cutiger said........don't ever agree to do someone else's work *exactly* because seldom, if ever, can another copy work.  Yes, come close but not exact  - so don't promise :)   Pricing is very hard to suggest as there are sooooo many different things to take into consideration such as how much did you spend on ingredients, packaging, insurance, utilities, and more?  What is the 'going rate' from other bakeries in your area?  Do you live in a rural, small town, city or BIG city?  All those things and more need to be figured into pricing.  If I HAD to give a price I think it would be much the same as the other poster mentioned.

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SandraSmiley Posted 23 Jun 2018 , 5:52pm
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You did a wonderful job on the cake, not a thing in the world wrong with it!  I always tell people that I will not duplicate another person's work because it is their work of art and I will be providing my own, similar, but not exact.

Definitely require at least half the total charge as a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit with the balance due prior to delivery.  What happened to you is a disgrace and the person should be ashamed of herself. Disgusting By all means, do not let your experience with a dishonest, unethical individual influence your thinking, other than covering yourself.  You should also create a contract which must be signed by the customer prior to any other transactions.

Oh!  And do not let the customer make changes to the cake after it has already been decorated!  No pictures in advance!

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TruCake Posted 24 Jun 2018 , 1:08pm
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I agree with everyone! Your cake was great!. No $$ no start on cake. Set your price and stick to it. Never send pics. If you do what you experienced will happen. Those that can't do will always tell you how! 

As said get 1/2 balance up front. We also require balance prior to delivery. If you dont have your $$ up front they can always find a way not to pay if that is the type person your dealing with. Sadly, we usually don't always know whom we are dealing with, so get your money. You did the work and did it well 

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