Roll Call: Let's Get To Know One Another A Bit

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kakeladi Posted 29 Apr 2017 , 10:15pm
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I thought it would be interesting to get to know a little about each other. 

So:  Where do you live?

What do you do?

Who is your family?

Where were you born/raised?

So here's my info:)   Born & raised in Cleveland, OH.   Now living in Fresno, CA

I'm retired from everything :)  I no longer make cakes - well maybe a couple a yr.  Sure do miss it!  That's why I'm active on this board.  I makes me feel useful being able to help out those of you just starting into this creative venture.  I raised 2 girls - both now in their 50s;  I live with one of them and seldom see the other - by her choice.   Have 2 grandsons who I almost never see :(    My hobbies?  Reading, watching tv - mostly so called reality shows, making greeting cards and going to the library every day for my 2 hrs of fun.   Sometimes I get an extra 2 hrs.  About the only sites I venture onto are here and    Anybody have any suggestions of some fun, safe sites to help pass time? 


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bubs1stbirthday Posted 30 Apr 2017 , 2:55am
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Hi :-)

I am Beck from Ballarat, Australia. I grew up in a town called Bittern.

Currently I am a stay at home Mum, 40 weeks pregnant with our second child, I joined CC when my first bub was only a few months old as I wanted to make her a very special 1st birthday cake (hence the stupid user name that i cannot change hah, sleepless brains don't make the best choices).

Our family consists of Myself, my hubby and our beautiful Miss 4, ? on the way sometime soon.

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Marian64 Posted 1 May 2017 , 4:25am
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If you haven't figured it out from my username, my name is Marian. Born and raised in Houston, Texas. Have lived in a couple of other states, but now I am just north of Houston. 

I am a medical technologist. I work in a lab at MD Anderson in Houston and love my job, most of the time.

I am one of six kids, married and have 2 sons and a daughter-in-law. I will be a Grandma in October and can't wait. My momma now lives with us.

I have been baking since I was about 9. I really started doing cakes for my sons and then my nieces and nephew. 

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GJsLady Posted 1 May 2017 , 8:09pm
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Hi!  My name is Dana, I'm from Amarillo TX, (born and raised).  I made and decorated my 1st wedding cake for a cousin almost 20 years ago, and there was no happy ending for that cake.  Apparently I thought I was smarter than the experts and didn't need all that my uncle had to find a cake on the morning of the wedding.  I didn't make another cake for about 6 years.  

I work full time for a call center and I'm lucky enough that I get to work from home, which gives me more time to concentrate on cakes and cookies.  I'm just a home baker who does the occasional cake and cookies but I love baking and decorating.

Right now, it's just me and my dog, I lost my sweet hubby of 14 yrs last summer, so it's taking some adjusting, but we're trying to get through.  

Hope everyone has a great day and week!

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me_me1 Posted 2 May 2017 , 8:42am
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I think this is a really lovely idea!  Hello everyone! My name's Janelle.

I am now living back home in Perth, Australia but spent a long time living in London, UK and I do miss it very very much but I came home to be close to my family and I think my mama would kill me if I left again now! 

I was born down south in Western Australia and a lot of time was spent on my grandparent's working farm so I have heaps of respect for the women of the CWA (Country Women's Association) as I watched them churn out meal after hearty meal for the shearers and other farm workers on neighbouring farms, as well as coming together in times of crisis (wild bush fires) and celebration (weddings, Christmas), always with plates of delicious homemade food! I remember spending ages flicking through my mum's copy of the CWA cookbook and trying different cake recipes with my grandma and my mum. A few years ago my mum bought me my own copy of the cookbook and she had gone through and ticked the tried and true recipes our family have loved and made little notes in the side margins for me. It is one of my most treasured possessions.

My family is my mama, my two brothers (one older and one younger), a sis-in-law and two gorgeous nieces who I love making cakes for and with. Also my lovely partner who helps me with the super stressful job of delivering wedding cakes!

I am slowly building up my wedding cake business now that I'm back in Perth and, so far, have had the most beautiful and wonderful clients. My favourite parts of this industry is getting to be involved in such a loved up, happy time in people's lives; getting to see good 'cake face' at cake tasting and design consultations; and then, once the wedding is over, getting to do the cakes for their kid's birthdays and christenings. I love it!


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Cakey-Pin Posted 2 May 2017 , 2:44pm
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I'm Lynsey and I live in Airdrie (just outside Glasgow), Scotland.  Literally lived in the same house my whole life. 

I'm a full time Travel Administrator for a television company called STV and I've been here for 16 years.  I get on really well with my friends/colleagues so coming to work is only a chore when I have cakes to make!

My family is my Fiance, sister, brother in law, 2 nieces and a nephew, cousin and Aunt.  My Dad died in 2013 and Mum in 2014 so still trying to come to terms with that but have a wonderful family and friends who help tremendously.  

As I said earlier, I still live in the house I was born and brought up in and my family have had it since 1972 (I arrived in 77!).  I make cakes for family and friends at the moment but "the dream" is to make a business out of it but whether or not that happens....we'll see!

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aldonza Posted 3 May 2017 , 1:10am
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Hi My name is Donna and I grew up in Macedonia, Ohio and now reside in the next city over...Northfield, Ohio. Shout out to @kakeladi ‍ my fellow Clevelander! I knew I liked you for a reason lol!

I have a mom, a dad and a brother. I was married for 10 years and divorced for 7. I have had a serious boyfriend for 6 years. He has a daughter and 2 grandchildren which I claim. They are MINE! Had no idea my heartheart could hold so much love! It's ready to burst! He also has a nephew...I claim him too! Such a cutie!

I am a manicuristnail_care and I love my job...most of the time lol! I am an artist and I always have to be creating. My hands have to constantly be doing something. I knit, crochet, paint and craft. There isn't anything that can't be fixed with a glue gun and I can make anything out of a mason jar.stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

I love to bake. I would make yummy cakes but the decorating was left to be desired. I couldn't even write "Happy Birthday" on it properly.worried I decided to take all 4 Wilton courses. I'd make a cake here and there for birthdays but my real passion for it didn't hit until I started making cakes for the grandkids. All of a sudden people are wanting me to make cakes and I am seriously considering it as a part-time business.

Being on this sight really inspires me. The cakes on here are seriously sickheart_eyes and you guys are wicked talented! The artistry just blows me away! I've never seen cakes like this in my life! Not even on those tv shows! I could spend hours looking at every detail. They are truly works of art! Love you guys and all your helpful advice!



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kakeladi Posted 3 May 2017 , 6:36pm
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It's so nice to hear from all  of know what region of the world y ou are in and things :)

Here's another ? for you - how/when did you get started in cake decorating?

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Cakey-Pin Posted 3 May 2017 , 8:34pm
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I always enjoyed baking cakes but never really thought about decorating them until roughly 6 years ago when my nephew was small and asked for a car birthday cake so I thought I'd give it a try.  It's gone on since then, self taught, watching tutorials and being on here has helped massively.

What about you? X

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Bakerlady2 Posted 4 May 2017 , 2:14am
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Hello All, my name is Debbie. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa on the East coast. My twin sister and I were right smack in the middle of 11 kids. I'm just a stay at home Mom of 7 (3 are married) an a hobby baker.I decorated my first cake when I was 16 and my first wedding cake when I was 18. I am like Aldonza..I too like to be creative with my hands. I like to paint, crochet, knit and of course bake cakes .

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Rosemary7391 Posted 4 May 2017 , 12:56pm
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Hallo! I'm Rosemary, I'm a PhD student studying physics in Glasgow. I do enjoy making pretty cakes, I don't want to make a business out of it but I do want to be able to make my cakes look that good. If only I could find more opportunities to practise! Especially large, tiered cakes - I think I know how to make one stand up, but what do I do with it once I've made it? I've always lived in the UK but keep moving around it. I also sew and crochet :)

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Inga1 Posted 4 May 2017 , 3:09pm
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Ingrid here. Born near Northfield, Ohio. Lived there until 9, then the family moved to the suburbs of Detroit. Have lived in Miami and Iowa too.

Now I live in Glen Carbon, IL which is about 20 mins east of St Louis. I have 5 grown children and 2 grands. 

My hobbies are singing in the church choir, gardening, gourmet cooking, baking, making rosaries.

I have been baking since about 10. My parents came to this country from Germany. Mom handed down to me all the traditional cakes and cookies which I totally cherish!. She used to make a gingerbread house with my sister and me every Christmas. I continued the tradition with my kids and now my grandkids. I was married for 34 years, widowed as of 2 1/2 years ago.

Always wanted to make a really lovely buttercream decorated cake. Took 1 class at my local Michaels store and I was hooked! Just started my cake business this year after working as a Realtor and an RN for many years.

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me_me1 Posted 5 May 2017 , 3:35am
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I currently waiting for my cakes for tomorrow's wedding to settle/firm up/be ready for decorating so instead of losing patience and starting to decorate too soon, thought I'd just pop on here. Love this thread, @kakeladi ‍  How/when did you get started yourself?

For me, I was working for a large US law firm in London and we had a silly little in-house baking competition which I won. People then starting asking me to make stuff and then started paying me to make stuff and I realised I really enjoyed doing - things just took off from there   :)


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me_me1 Posted 5 May 2017 , 3:35am
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I currently waiting for my cakes for tomorrow's wedding to settle/firm up/be ready for decorating so instead of losing patience and starting to decorate too soon, thought I'd just pop on here. Love this thread, @kakeladi ‍  How/when did you get started yourself?

For me, I was working for a large US law firm in London and we had a silly little in-house baking competition which I won. People then starting asking me to make stuff and then started paying me to make stuff and I realised I really enjoyed doing - things just took off from there   :)


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kakeladi Posted 5 May 2017 , 9:08pm
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UUUUUGGGGG!! Had a very long story all typed out only to have "OOPPS something happened" lose it

Trying again:  My story has been told everal times on this site but since many of you are 'new' I'll give it again:  In 1980 my oldest daughter gave us 6 weeks to the day to plan her wedding on a $00. budget:)  Ended up very much a homemade wedding.  Daughter made her own gown; her then future MIL made the bridesmaids dresses & daughter found me a ready made dress.  The 'reception' was homemade appitizers, cake & coffee.  But the cake daughter saw at a bridal show was so out of our budget...just a couple of wks before "Big date"  MIL talked dau into letting 'us' make her a wedding cake w/cr ch icing.   She had taken lessons some 10 yrs before but never followed thru on decorating so she offered to let us use her equipment stored in the barn.  Finding an old Wilton yrbk we picked out a design that looked easy (HA!) and I proceeded to make a 3 tier cake w/satellites attached w/bridges - yah, that old Wilton style :)   It was decorated with 'squiggles' (cornelli lace) and fresh Aferican violets - a huge success!  3 days later I got a call that someone was being married at our church that wkend and her decorator just cancelled on her - could I make a small wedding cake for her? I have 2 wedding cakes under my belt - never having made a decorated before:)  3 weeks after that another wedding  cake request - this one I was only suppost to bake & ice - someone else would decorate.....well on that wedding day major problems arose and I ended up having to decorate it too.  With 3 wedding cakes made I decided I enjoyed this so started taking lessons.   Eventually I owned 3 different cake bakeries (in different states).  I ended up  forced into retiring about 10 yrs ago when my then hubby needed full time care. 

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Nana52 Posted 6 May 2017 , 12:08pm
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My name is Monica. I'm retired.  Have lived in Georgia, United States for over 30  years now.  Born and raised in Minnesota, United States.  I have 2 children, 7 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren.  My eldest granddaughter expressed an interest in cake decorating and for her birthday she and I took cake decorating lessons.  Now I make fairly simple cakes for family and close friends.  Not interested in making money - please note again, I'm retired.  I enjoy this site and have learned a lot.

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kayra850 Posted 8 May 2017 , 9:29am
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hello to all of you,

thank you kakeladi for this interesting theme. It is wonderful how the people from all the world can talk and share here.

my name is Irena and I live in Zagreb, capital city of beautiful country Croatia (EU). I am 56 y old. I'm married, we have a daughter (30y). She works and lives in another city with her husband. We still not have grandchildren. But we have adorable dog bishon havanese.

I am working as accountant full time job, and I will have to work another 8 years until retired.

I start to bake cake since my daughter’s 1st birthday. Back then I was making different cakes, if I may say more beautiful than other mums. But when my daughter grow up, I stopped.  

Then, before 4 years my younger brother died suddenly. That was very hard time for me and all my family. Me, I was lost in sadness. Somehow, and I don’t know where the idea came from, but intention was to get away from that dark place of grief, I start to bake cakes again.

And then I met You…..

Even do I bake mostly for my family, CC changed my view, improved my skills and simply….I enjoy to be here. I enjoy to bake and I am traying to grow with every next cake.

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kakeladi Posted 8 May 2017 , 9:24pm
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As so many of you have mentioned it sure is a great place to learn/refine our decoating skills!  The level of work posted on here is sooooooo high up there!  I'm sure there are some who will not post because they think their work is so inferior.  If they would develop thick skin and post we could help them inprove....that's what some of us are on here for. 

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