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kakeladi Posted 4 May 2016 , 7:15am
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When I retired some 10 yrs ago I sold off all my equipment - ALL.  Slowly I have aquired a few replacements.  I now have a Wilton 9x13 pan; one 8x2" round; two 7x1 1/2" rounds and an 8" sq. (the latter 2 not Wilton.)

I've been asked to make a b'day cake for a lady turning 90.  They do not know how many servings they need as it is an 'open' invitation thing.  They talk about a full sheet,  I'm trying to put something together using what pans I already have.  Soooo how many servings would there be in a 13x18x4  (4 layers of 9x13 - 2 side by side w/2 more on top)  with a 7x3" round (2 layers) how close to  'full sheet' #s?  I can remember some of the serving sizes for rounds and sq but not for these odd sizes,  Will a 9x13 use all of the WASC recipe batter or will I get a few cuppies also?  I think one batch will be enough for two 7x1 1/2  Would I be better off using the 8" sq instead.  I like the looks of a sheet w/a round on top:)  They don't care much how it looks - except, of course, that it be pretty :)    Will a 13x18 fit on a 1/2 sheet board - as I remember it doesn't leave any room for borders, right?  Maybe I should trim it down to fit the board?  So please help me figure this out :)     See what happens when you are away from caking for a few years?  you go nutty trying to dream things up.

Well thanks for any info you can help me with.  Maybe because it's after midnight I just can't think it thru or sleep.

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cakebaby2 Posted 4 May 2016 , 9:52am
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Aww Kakelady I wish I could help you babygirl! You are such a sweetie at helping every body else.

Sheetcakes are not a UK/British thing and I don't think I've ever used or seen one used in 30 odd years of baking. Where's that K8 when you need her...or Nancylees or Maybenot?

I'm sure those three have experience of sheet cakes, unfortunately all the "Golden Girls" seem to have drifted away to pastures new, hope someone chimes in. xx

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costumeczar Posted 4 May 2016 , 11:39am
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You should ask her what she means by a full sheet. Technically, a full sheet is 36x24 inches. But grocery stores sell half sheets that are 18x24 and call them full sheets, so sometimes people are thinking a different size than what they're saying.

But if she means an actual full sheet, then what you're describing is exactly as much cake as she's wanting, so you'd be fine. 

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-K8memphis Posted 4 May 2016 , 11:45am
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i'm on my way somewhere and i can talk more later -- but in the meantime

your four 9x13's will give you over 90 servings needs 10 cups batter

then the 7" round is about 18 servings and about 3 + a bit cups batter so you're safely over 100 servings --

the 8" round is 24 servings and 4 cups batter per layer

the 8"square is 32 servings and 6 cups batter per layer

when i make wasc i get about 8 cups of batter and wilton says you need 10 cups for a 9x13 so...

and i use 18 oz cake mix in my wasc so...

7" round uses about 3 cups of batter so yes one wasc should do there maybe a cupcake or two --

as far as the boards it all depends on how big they are -- "1/2 sheet" is interpreted so many different ways these days kwim? no way to tell without exact measurements

can talk more later this afternoon -- glad you gotta nice cake to do

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-K8memphis Posted 4 May 2016 , 11:46am
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*needs 10 cups batter each per wilton -- (seems like a lot?)


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-K8memphis Posted 4 May 2016 , 11:47am
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10 cups for each 9x13 is what i'm trying to say 

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-K8memphis Posted 4 May 2016 , 11:53am
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when i say one wasc i mean using one box of mix

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-K8memphis Posted 4 May 2016 , 12:28pm
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not leaving as early as i first thought...how you doing?

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JPinBklyn Posted 4 May 2016 , 1:17pm
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I think this is fairly standard, just so you can refer to how many servings would be expected from sheet cakes and what the serving size is for different events. The above answers seem to have helped with servings for your pan sizes. If your customer really means a full sheet pan, you'd double the half sheet pan. I always send these out to clients, so they can visualize the servings and make a correct decision. As you can see, a half sheet can be anywhere from 36 to 108 servings, and the wedding servings are super small.


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kakeladi Posted 4 May 2016 , 4:54pm
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Thank you all so much for the help.  I guess it was the late hour that muddled my brain so much.  Idid get a few hours sleep and *dreamed* what I should have known!   Of course I realize now that a 9x13 is an oversized 1/4 sheet.  

As far as a board is concerned - there basically is only one size '1/2 sheet' sold in most cake supply shops and as I now remember a 12x16 fits on it w/just enough room for a boarder.  I'm thinking I will use that  but put a foam core board cut 2" larger on top of that.  I should get more info from the customer later today but then they are leaving for the rest of the month - returning just in time for the party.  

Again, thanks for coming to my rescue :)

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