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Milliescreative Posted 29 Jul 2015 , 2:36am
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Hi my first time posting I've been a guest on here for a long time. I've had my first unhappy customer and unsure on what to do from here,

Customer wrote to me the day after picking up the cake and said that there was a hair in the cake , I apologized a lot and offered to make another cake for free and said if she doesnt want another cake i understand and asked for account details for a full refund, customer didn't reply until the following day and she sent a long message about how I ruined the birthday and how disappointed she was etc , I responded with how very sorry I was and that I have very high hygiene standards and wear a hairnet etc at all times and again how sorry I am . she didn't reply for two days and said that the hair was light brown and curly (my hair is black and straight so im a bit relieved I know its not mine) so it was not hers and I musnt have strict standards and again how I ruined the whole party etc , to which I replied how sorry I was and can I have her details for a refund . she said back she is not happy with that as I ruined the whole parry and how embarrassed she is ...

Im not sure where to go from here ? My husband says to ignore her until I get acc details and give refund . 

I have apologized so many times and i m not sure what else I can say 

Any advice would be great or anything similar happen to you ? I'm upset about it as it's my first complaint in two years of cake making :(

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Jeff_Arnett Posted 29 Jul 2015 , 2:46am
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Let her prove it came from your establishment!  The burden of proof is on her.  What did they do with the cake?  If it wasn't eaten, then she should have returned it to you for a refund.  No matter how careful you are, there's a lot of places a hair could have come could have been in the flour your used...who know.  I'd be a whole lot more inclined to believe it came from her end of the party!!!


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lisatipperoo Posted 29 Jul 2015 , 3:01am
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I'm really sorry this happened to you! I think she is really being unreasonable. To be honest, I would give her a refund just to wash my hands of the situation, or offer her a 50% refund. It's a really hard situation. This happened to me last fall. There was a lady who said she found two dog hairs in her cake. In the past year I've thought about it and realized that she was most likely lying. My dog is not allowed in or near my kitchen. He is bathed and groomed weekly. We eat three meals a day at home and have never once found a single dog hair in our food. I think that she heard the dog barking in our back room when she picked up the cake, knew that I was a nice person that wouldn't put up a fight, and she got her money back. It's just not possible that there was hair in her cake. But I have her a full refund anyways. It's easy to say that I would stand my ground if it happened again, but I know that if the moment should come again I would most likely panic and cave again.

I guess I really have no good advice for you, I'm sorry. I just wanted to say that I've been there with a different type of hair, and I know how awful it can be. I'm really sorry that this happened. If it were me, I would give her a 50% refund, claim it is my business policy, apologize, and move on. It really is too bad.

Edited to say that I agree with Jeff- she should return the uneaten portion of the cake to you with the alleged hair in order to receive any type of refund.

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Jul 2015 , 4:38pm
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i also agree with jeff and lisatipperoo -- this lady has entered into the realm of creepy mcCreepykins now with her haunting of you without accepting any resolutions you offer -- she should have brought the cake back like jeff said since the whole party bombed because of the hair it shouldn't have been an issue to return it as proof -- and must not have been much party to begin with if one hair brought down the whole shebang --

this event clearly has other issues and i'm not saying a hair is acceptable i'm saying what really is so bad about a hair we all have them they all fall off all over -- it's not like she found fingernail clippings or horseradish or metal shavings or something weird -- hair is organic

i would distance myself from her -- no more words -- no more apologies -- give her money if you want but don't let her talk to/communicate with you anymore -- you're not the city dump --

best to you

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Milliescreative Posted 29 Jul 2015 , 7:45pm
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Thank you  for your replies :)

I havnt responded and will just wait and see if she gives me bank details.

I would hate someone going around saying their was a hair in my cake and I never gave a refund I really hope to just refund and have it over with .

She never said if the cake was eatn and never said she can bring back the cake with the hair or anything .

Whenever I find hair eating out ect I just take it out maybe because I know sometimes it just happens , but I know some people who are really put off by it .

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Gtiki Posted 29 Jul 2015 , 8:02pm
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Thanks for posting. This is one of my fears! I have long hair and I keep it tucked up in a hair cover (looks like a sleeve from a shirt) to make sure all my hair is entact. Never thought to ask for proof incase someone was being unreasonable. Good discussion to fall back on should it happen to me.  

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jgifford Posted 29 Jul 2015 , 8:11pm
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You have no way of knowing what happened to the cake between the time she picked it up and the time she finally let you know about the hair.  If you're sure it didn't come from you, don't say another word to her about it - - the ball's in her court now. 

What is your policy about refunds?  If the cake truly ruined the entire event, she should have returned it to you (all of it) immediately in exchange for a full refund. It sounds like she's angling for more than just a refund - there's just something hinky here.  I agree with your husband - there's nothing more you can do unless and until she sends you her bank information, and even then I wouldn't give her a dime until the cake is returned.

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Jinkies Posted 29 Jul 2015 , 9:21pm
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Oh, this lady sounds really sketchy.  I agree she sounds like she wants more than a refund.  I found a hair in a cupcake once at a wedding and I didn't even mention it.  It happens.  It certainly does not ruin an entire party.  Good grief.  

You apologized and offered a refund, there's nothing else you can or should do.  Sorry that has happened to you.  

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prettycupcake Posted 29 Jul 2015 , 9:33pm
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This has also happened to me once..and I posted about it here...The best advice I received is this..and I forward it to you! 

To apologize and ask her to bring back the product so you can see what went wrong, what type of hair,where it could've come from etc. After an investigation then offer her a partial refund if indeed its from you. Bottom line is, you cant return a complaint to a store and expect a refund. They want the damaged product back. So with just her word is not enough for a full refund. One apology would've been ok for a sane person I think she had a whole other agenda.

Things happen no matter how careful we are. We are not machines, I think you did everything in your power to try and make her happy. I would just let her be from here...Dont contact her or send her anything else. 

Hope this help! 


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Milliescreative Posted 30 Jul 2015 , 12:36am
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Thanks for the replys 

She didn't respond to my comment of weather or not the cake was eatn so I'm guessing it was.

This is my first complaint and I've never had to give a refund or apologize for anything before so my first response was to refund but now I know it wasn't my hair and that she isn't taking the refund or communicating well I think next time I will enquire more Into if the cake was eatn ect.

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-K8memphis Posted 30 Jul 2015 , 1:16am
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i would NOT engage this person again ever -- i would make my decision and not look back

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baileybird Posted 30 Jul 2015 , 1:40am
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It sounds like this person wants to hold you responsible for her entire party! Don't fall for it! Protect yourself! Look for a face book account under this persons name and see if there is any information on this party! She might try to make you financially responsible for the entire party!!

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