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trishalynn0708 Posted 25 Jan 2012 , 11:48am
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I am new to cookie decorating and have a few question's. I figured I would make 1 post with all of my question's.... I also just ordered the book "Cookie Sensations: Creative Designs for Every Occasion by
Meaghan Mountford" and am going to try the Americolor food color.. I have always used Wilton for my cake's I decorate with but I noticed that I used a lot of their color just to get the color I needed.. And I have heard great things about Americolor, really hope I like them!

1... After you put your flooded/piping frosting into a bag or a squeeze bottle, can you set those in the fridge or do you need to squeeze them back out into a container to store with plastic wrap over the top and a lid??

2... When it says to let your cookies dry over night.. Are these kept in an airtight container or do they actually mean to leave them out in the open air to dry all night long?? If so, won't the cookies get stale/hard??

And if anyone can give me any first time pointer's that I should know about before hand that would be great!!!

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Evoir Posted 25 Jan 2012 , 12:02pm
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If you're using royal icing you need to squeeze out the RI, and cover it with cling film in a bowl, excluding any air. Before you use more, you need to remix it, and check the consistency before application. I do not refrigerate my RI.

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soledad Posted 25 Jan 2012 , 3:19pm
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Hi!!!! I hope these links help you.
lots of tutorials on it


On the third link try to go to those cookie decorators own blog some of them have very informative blogs.
I love cookie crazie, sweet sugar belle, cookie artisan



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nikki1201 Posted 25 Jan 2012 , 3:50pm
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I love karenscookies.net, and also the tutorial on here from antonia74, I've learned a lot from those! I use karenscookies cookie recipes almost exclusively, particularly her recipe for cream cheese cut outs- they are amazing!

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rlowry03 Posted 25 Jan 2012 , 3:59pm
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You don't have to refrigerate your royal icing, but it is best not to store it for too long in the bottle or bag. It tends to separate. That's the biggest issue I have with cookies! I want to be as organized as possible since it always seems like such a huge undertaking, but I haven't figured out how to mix and store all my icing without constantly filling bags and cleaning tips! I keep intending to try karenscookies tip about putting icing in plastic wrap plugs. I'm wondering if it will still separate in those.

As far as drying, you leave the cookies out in the open overnight. Putting them in an airtight container won't allow the icing to dry. Suprisingly most people say they don't get stale. Personally I find them a little stale the next day, but I also know how yummy they are right out of the oven and want them to keep that taste! The icing actually helps hold in some of the moisture. You can also dry them in a cold oven with the light turned on and I've seen a few posts where cookiers are using a heat gun to speed drying for multiple colors and layers.

Good luck with your venture into the cookie world. I love cookies, but always wish I had more talent by the time I'm done icon_smile.gif.

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Debbye27 Posted 25 Jan 2012 , 4:23pm
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I made cookies with royal icing for the first time over the weekend - very fun!
I used gel color for the colors....remember they darken after sitting for a while, so no need to add a lot of color- I would like to try americolor, too though.
I used the cookie recipe on here, No fail sugar cookies- was perfect-kept perfect shape of my cutters-although I added a little extra extract for a sweeter flavor.
I made all my colors and stored them in the bag for two days on the counter- the consistency never changed- they were always ready to use- so you do not need to refrigerate.
I had about 6 cookie sheets filled and just stacked them on top of eachother, staggered so the cookies didn't touch the top pan- and they dried fine- the royal icing does seal in moisture- no staleness. Do not put in airtight container.
I used sweetopia's online tuturials for really good info...she is really good!
I didn't wait 12-24 hours for them to dry each layer- after about 30 miin I was able to do the next layer -I don't know if that's due to the dryness in NY - (I am used to Florida humidity). But after 30 min I added different colors without a problem.

I had so much fun- didn't post all my pics yet- but made so many different ones- they look like beginner cookies-I split the 60 cookies into 2 and sent them into school with each of my boys.... but now I have the technique down and want to make really fancy ones!

Have fun!

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Debbye27 Posted 25 Jan 2012 , 6:17pm
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Also- make sure you have enough bags, tips, and couplers- because it can be a pain to change these out- I made 8 colors and only had 4 of the right size tips, and 6 couplers.....my options were to either empty the bag with the frosting in it and get and wash the coupler for another bag...or go and buy more!

So now I own a lot of number two and three tips and couplers icon_wink.gif

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