Desert Cakes For Funeral How Would You Decorate Please Read.

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labmom Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 2:09am
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I have been ask again to provide cakes for desert after a funeral dinner.

This has been happening more and more lately by people who have been at other funerals. This order is from previous customers who have ask for something very eligant and nice. The only thing this lady wanted for her funeral was an elegant dinner, good food and friends, and top shelf booze!

They said that this might provide more business for me which is to me a strange way to get business... but it has.. people who eat the cakes there always ask where they got the she said.

Ok, I have in the past just frosted and put a boarder in the cakes but this time they want something "fancy" elligant? I don't want to make it look like a party or birthday cake... what would you do? I am going to decorate them in the morning for a 7pm pickup ... so it has to be something that I have on had which is about everything.
I am just worn out and brain dead that is why I am doing it tomorow instead of tonight.

any help is appreciated.

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VaBelle Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 2:23am
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I think some simple flowers like carnations and maybe a small black border would be simple and elegant and befitting a funeral. Me personally, I hope something loud and obnoxious that makes people laugh will be providedicon_smile.gif

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vgray Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 2:26am
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Maybe something with black scrolls? I think scrolls are elegant and don't scream 'party!'. like this picture but white and black and no bow.

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Coral3 Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 2:29am
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I would look at sympathy cards for inspiration on colour & design. But I would skip written messages or name on the cake...better no text/message if you ask me. Or if you HAVE to write something, then a religious verse or something non-specific like that.

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Mme_K Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 2:29am
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What about just something with cornelli lace & a border:

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kakeladi Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 2:30am
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Remember this creation is to help cheer up people who have had a difficult time handling the death of a loved one/friend.
Think of trying to make them smile - or at least a bit happier. Make it bright, nothing blk/somber.
When I was asked yrs ago I made a nice round w/flowers. No writing is necessary.

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rosiecakes Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 2:35am
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When my paw paw died I made a chocolate cake (because chocolate is comfort food) and decorated with chocolate candies/scrolls/dots etc. I did write on it "Celebrate a beautiful life" because that was kind of our theme (we did not wear black, we wore colors to celebrate his life rather than mourn his passing). I have no clue what I did with the picture or I would post it. Anyway- just a thought.

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Narie Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 2:36am
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This is both unusual and elegant. The design could easily be adapted to a sheet cake.

I would avoid black on the cake. Aim for somthing up beat and positive.

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JenTwirl Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 2:38am
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Maybe just specialized flavors without specialized decoration? German chocolate, strawberry, lemon etc. and decorate to coordinate with the cake flavors...just really simple?

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southerncross Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 2:46am
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may I ask in what part of the country/world you are?

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nikki4199 Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 2:49am
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I have done a few of these with sheet cakes. I have done buttercream roses in opposite corners. Also i have done a cross made out of buttercream roses.

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BurnsyJ Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 2:53am
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I think brushed embroidery is both simple and elegant.

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labmom Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 2:57am
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I am in the midwest, USA

I baked two 10" rounds.. one vanilla and one Tripple fudge.. There is a raspberry cream filling in the vanilla and the trpple chocolate fudge is going to be covered with chocolate ganache. Everyone loves chocolate when they get sad! No fondant. I am putting white buttercream on the vanilla cake.

I thought about a black ribbon around the bottom but then put that out of my head. Don't want pastel colors.. My husband said that the ganache is fancy enough with just a nice boarder and he said he would stop and get me some strawberries on his way home that I could put on the top of both cakes. The vanilla because of the straberry cream filling.. and the chocolate ganache.. is like eating chocolate covered strawberries
I haven't decided, he always calls me on his way home.. or we could even pick some up when we go out for burgers (our wednesday evening outing).
Half price burgers at our local resturant.

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ljchevygirl Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 3:02am
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Do a seach in the gallery for funeral cakes and look at some of those pictures. This is what I always do, just to get ideas.

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2txmedics Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 3:35am
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I just did a family reunion cake...praying hands, and the siblings listed. I was asked to do this because 1/2 of the ppl on the cake were no longer with them but only in spirit.

they loved it!! I hated it, I couldnt write for nothing, and yet everyone took pics with the cake and I got requested to do it every reunion. The cake is my last cake in the photos, please excuse the cake , it was a BAD CAKE DAY!!!

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Buttercream_warrior Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 3:40am
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ive had to make several funeral cakes..i always add scrolls and nuts or chocolate dipped fruit or just some fresh fruit..its always done really good

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mandyloo Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 4:03am
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I've seen some lovely cakes with calla lilies. Not too somber, but elegant and appropriate, in my opinion.

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labmom Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 2:55pm
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just got an email and they want the cakes earlier than I thought and we are going to deliver the (which I don't usualy do for small cakes) but these are good customers and because they are extremely busy right now.

I decided to go with frut. My husband is getting strawberries on the way home I am going to dip them in choccolate and they can set while we eat an early dinner and then he can take them while I meet with another client.

I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone. You all offered such great ideas. I know that I can always count on everyone here to come through.

again thank you.. [/size]

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cakegroove Posted 13 Jul 2011 , 3:57pm
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Maybe something along these lines with a different colored ribbon?

I made this cake as a memorial cake for a family's daughter's birthday who had died the previous year. It was simple and pretty and didnt scream happy birthday.

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