The Bride Wants An Icing Less Sweet..o..kay..

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mommachris Posted 25 Feb 2011 , 7:28am
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Just did a sampling with a bride who is having her wedding in July this year.
She loves my cake, even said the butter cream was 'super yummy', but then she asks me if I can use an icing that is less sweet.
Bit my tongue about the, "you know icing is made of sugar, right?" and said I'd check into that.
Here are the other factors to consider.
She doesn't want fondant, too expensive.
The wedding is in the hottest time in the valley in California.
This has to rule out whipped or creamed based icings...right?
The recipe I have been using is:

2 cubes of butter ( salted)
1 cup crisco
a two pound bag of powdered sugar
3 tablespoons of flavoring ( hers was a touch of almond and butter)
3-5 tablespoons of milk.

Do you guys have suggestion that might work.
I'm up to experimentation and would love some input since there are hundreds of wonderful recipes on this site. I was hoping to narrow it down.


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scp1127 Posted 25 Feb 2011 , 7:41am
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French buttercream or IMBC. I am one of those who hates super sweet anything... and I own a bakery! I never offer the extra sweet icings and the two I mentioned are much less sweet. You will have to ask the wedding pros how long butter based icings will handle hot weather.

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AnnieCahill Posted 25 Feb 2011 , 11:57am
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Charlotte's Whipped Cream buttercream. It's light and fluffy and you can make it with half butter/half shortening or all shortening if you're concerned about the heat.

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dchockeyguy Posted 25 Feb 2011 , 2:09pm
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SMBC has very little sugar in it and is not very sweet at all.

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dsilvest Posted 25 Feb 2011 , 2:24pm
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Adding a bit of flour or salt to your recipe will make it taste less sweet.

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cakesbycathy Posted 25 Feb 2011 , 4:04pm
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Honestly, my icing is what my icing is. Either you like it or you don't. I'm not going to bend over backwards to find a new recipe or change what I am doing when it works for me. I made the mistake of changing my icing for one bride and it turned into a disaster.

If you want to experiment, great! But if it were me I would explain that this is the recipe I use and that for the envronment her cake is going to be in it is the one that will hold up the best. She can take it or leave it.

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mayo2222 Posted 25 Feb 2011 , 4:18pm
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Like dsilvest said, add some salt and it will cut down on the sweetness and you won't have to change anything else

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Loucinda Posted 25 Feb 2011 , 4:57pm
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I use IMBC when someone wants a "less sweet" icing. For summertime use, you can substitute some of the butter with shortning to help stabilize it. (about 1/3 shortning to 2/3 butter). I actually even offer it as one of the icings when I do the tastings, and not many choose it...but those who do are always the ones who like the "less sweet" stuff. There is NO middle ground with this icing, people either LOVE it, or they hate it.

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cat2512 Posted 25 Feb 2011 , 5:12pm
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What is IMBC?

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Kiddiekakes Posted 25 Feb 2011 , 5:21pm
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I use WBH icing which is also less sweet..Recipe is listed in recipe section..Whimsical Bakehouse Buttercream

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imagenthatnj Posted 25 Feb 2011 , 5:37pm
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Italian Meringue Buttercream. But you might have to check out how it behaves in the hot weather.

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ThreeLittleBlackbirds Posted 25 Feb 2011 , 5:38pm
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Adding salt will make the frosting taste sweeter! Salt brings out flavors and will make the sugar taste..well..sweeter.

I would go with an Italian Meringue Buttercream (IMBC). It has the same silky wonderful flavor of Swiss Meringue Buttercream (SMBC) but is a tad more stable and doesn't melt as fast. It is also not that hard to make, and once you try it you wont go back, Meringue buttercreams are by far superior to american buttercream, which in my opinion IS too sweet and gritty.

Good luck!

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graciesj Posted 26 Feb 2011 , 1:14am
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I usually put 1tsp of cornstarch to a recipe of BC and it cuts it really nicelyicon_smile.gif

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Bubbl3h3ad Posted 26 Feb 2011 , 1:57am
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A lot of people use popcorn salt in that recipe. I just use regular salt and I don't even measure it, just sprinkle some in. You will be surprised at how it changes the flavor of your buttercream. People think they want less sweet but it is actually something else that they can't quite put their finger on icon_smile.gif

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mommachris Posted 26 Feb 2011 , 1:59am
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I knew that you guys would be a deep well of knowledge.
I'm going to try somethings out next week.
I have a couple of months to play with it.
Thanks to all of you.

((hugs)) thumbs_up.gif

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costumeczar Posted 26 Feb 2011 , 1:18pm
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Just an aside...The IMBC is definitely less sweet...I figured out once that it actually uses a lot less sugar than the confectioner's sugar buttercreams. Some icings do taste more or less sweet than others, so when people say that they want something less sweet they're not totally nuts (necessarily).

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sillywabbitz Posted 26 Feb 2011 , 1:30pm
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I use Sugarshacks recipe and I added a couple of teaspoons of lime juice to the frosting and it really cut the sweetness but didn't taste like lime at all. I agree salt helps as well. I dissolve it in the hot liquid before I add it to my BC

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