Hurricane Ike

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sisspence Posted 13 Sep 2008 , 5:22pm
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We just had a catagory 3 hurricane, with 120 mile an hour winds, No electricy, We have been running on a generator since 12:30 am, and here I am surfing on cake central. I guess we know where my priorities are.

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Mencked Posted 13 Sep 2008 , 5:25pm
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I've been thinking about all you guys in the path of Ike--Good luck to you and thank God for generators!! I'm glad you're OK! Keep us informed!

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tonedna Posted 13 Sep 2008 , 5:33pm
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We have you in our prayers!...Hope everyone stays safe.

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Tona Posted 13 Sep 2008 , 5:37pm
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Our Prayers go out to everyone who was in the path of Ike. Stay safe.

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Mac Posted 13 Sep 2008 , 6:56pm
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The eye of the storm is just now getting into Smith County (Tyler area). Winds have picked up here in Gregg County--lots of limbs and trees down.

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SugarFrosted Posted 13 Sep 2008 , 8:33pm
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Here in Little Rock, Arkansas, Ike has pushed bad weather toward us and now we are under numerous tornado warnings, as well as flash flood watch. The worst of the rain will be tonight, and isn't night just the worst time to deal with bad weather! On the news, I saw Ike's predicted path will push the bad weather all the way to Maine and into Canada.

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Mac Posted 13 Sep 2008 , 9:33pm
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I can't imagine trying to ride a hurricane out. We are getting wind gusts in excess of 50 MPH.

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Kim_in_CajunCountry Posted 14 Sep 2008 , 12:09am
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The gusty winds and tornado warnings started here on Friday and we're still having really gusty winds. I went into town today and saw some large trees had fallen, which hadn't been felled by Gustav. No doubt Gustav weakened them and Ike finished them off.

Glad all of you are OK, although having no power can be quite inconvenient. The good news is that cooler, drier weather is on the way, which will make things a little more bearable for those with no A/C.

Hang in there!

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Cyndi1207 Posted 14 Sep 2008 , 1:23am
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My thoughts are with you guys for sure!! We were spared in this one.

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PGray315 Posted 14 Sep 2008 , 2:12am
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I can't begin to imagine the fear you folks live with during these times. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Ike is expected here in Maine the first of the week. We rarely have anything more than heavy rain and wind by the time it reaches us. In fact these storms often go out to sea before they get here.

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AmyGonzalez Posted 14 Sep 2008 , 2:29am
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I live 45 miles away from Corpus Christi, and Ike was expected to hit Corpus Earlier this week. We sure had a scare. We were so busy at the hospital preparing for this hurricane. I was so exausted everyday I got home. My prayers are with all the people in Ikes path. May god be with all of you in this disasterous time.

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sisspence Posted 18 Sep 2008 , 12:53am
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Well here is my Hurricane Ike Recovery Update....I DON'T HAVE CABLE OR INTERNET!!!! I CAN'T WATCH THE FOOD NETWORK!!! I'm done yelling now. I am so grateful that all my loved ones are safe...but I WANT MY CABLE......

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Mac Posted 18 Sep 2008 , 2:11am
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My prayers are still with the people of South Texas. We had alot of people without power and I think there is still little over 1000 still out.

We have alot of special needs evacuees at the old YMCA (it's a child care facility now). One girl is due to have twins within the month, so it looks like she will be having them here. My niece wants to do a shower for her as she lost everything. Plus she has a 4 yr old girl and someone has donated day care for her.

We will be making some cookies for her tomorrow nite. Thankfully we did not lose power just phone service and internet for a couple of days.

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sisspence Posted 19 Sep 2008 , 11:43pm
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Well we are very fortunite, with everything that was torn up and destroyed, we still have our life and health. My mom had hip surgery 2 weeks ago, and she is stuck in a wheelchair (we pray, temporarily) So needless to say, she has been having a rough time during this Ike mess. Folks are getting lights slowly but surely, My mom and dad got lights today, and it sure is quiet around here right now. My house is 7 people short tonight. My prayers are with those who have it worse than us.

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Mac Posted 19 Sep 2008 , 11:53pm
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May God bless you. My mom is having a hip replacement on her hip replacement from 2 years ago. The cement did not attach to the bone and she has had pain and falls ever since. She had one hip done about 6 years ago and it went fine. Then a knee replacement 4 years ago on the same leg--did fine. We were told this last hip replacement there was a bad batch of cement that was used. So here we go again.

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DesignsByMandie Posted 19 Sep 2008 , 11:59pm
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I cant imagine it either. All my thoughts and prayers from Colorado are with you...I don't know how I would deal with all the stresses of it. I am glad you are safe and sound on cakecentral!!! Good Luck God is with you all!!!

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mlynnb Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 12:25am
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I cannot even begin to imagine how hard this hurricane has been for those of you In TX. I'm in Ohio and we got nailed with a wind storm on Sunday that was from Ike....I never thought I'd have to worry about a hurricane in OH, but it really did a number on alot of people here. We had sustained winds of 65-75 MPH where I live and down in Dayton/Cincinnatti are I heard they had up to 80 MPH! My thoughts and prayers go to those of you and your families who are going through this right now!!!

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superstar Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 12:30am
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I have been thinking & praying for all those in Ike's way. Stay strong everyone. We were living in Northridge, California when we had the '94 earthquake, we had no electricity or running water for 5 days, we camped in our garden during that period as we couldn't clean up the glass in the house until we had power, however we survived & were so grateful to the Lord for protecting us. We all just do the best we can. Take care all of you.

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hummingbird59 Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 3:04am
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We just got our power back on tonight. Yeah!! Though it was a rough week, we were blessed with no damage except for downed limbs and a couple trees that didn't hit anything. I have friends in the Galveston area, so we are so thankful we didn't get anything worse. I think it was wonderful that the men that were working on our power the last couple days were from Maryland. God Bless them. Now I am safe from CC withdrawal.

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cous2010 Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 3:20am
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We FINALLY got power yesterday evening. I live just north of Houston and we got hit pretty bad. I've seen too many folks with their houses and cars crushed. Thank God there weren't many lives taken. I saw the pictures of Galveston for the first time toda and nearly cried. I've spent a lot of time at the beach, and to see everything leveled was almost too much.

Luckily, my Fiance and I found an orphaned baby squirrel. Caring for him kept me busy while the lights were out.

I will say, I really missed my CC time icon_smile.gif

My prayers are with others affected by the storm.

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Lady_Phoenix Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 3:23am
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I am about 20 miles east of Louisville, Ky. The storm hit here Sunday morning. We lost power at about 11 am, got it back last night. There were 2 killed here by falling trees, luckily my family an I are safe. I lost a tree, and most of the shingles from the roof, but nothing that can't be fixed. There are just under 100,000 in Louisville still without power and about 20,000 in Indiana still.

Hurricanes in Indiana, who woulda thunk it!

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Denise Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 3:25am
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Sue - I am glad to hear you are ok. We had to evac. I am in Natchez, MS. Our area was hard hit and one of our new club members lost her home and her new cake business in Bridge City. It is so sad.

We still don't have electricity at my house - maybe tomorrow or Sunday and then I can go home.

I just did a cake in Galveston - Honey Darling Precious and I loved the drive there and really enjoyed the ferry ride. It is almost all gone now.

I emailed two customers that were from that area - I did a large 60th anniversary cake for the in-laws of a lady in Galveston. She was so nice. The other I did 100 petit fours in May - she lived on the Boliver Peninsula and worked in Galveston. I don't know whether either one of them lost their homes. It is so sad.

Sue, we are still holding the Powdered Sugar Party as far as I know. It will be good to see you. Take care and you will have that cable before you know it.

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positivethinkingtina Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 3:59am
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The wind was really scary. I don't remember hearing anything so loud. We have lots of trees, but only lost 1 small pine. We have water, still have to boil, no electricity. Wonderful husband was able to get a generator on Sunday so we get the basics. That was quite a relief. Don't know when we will get power back. Thank goodness the weather has been good.

Overall, we were blessed. So many people lost everything. Thoughts and prayers are with those who were hit so hard.

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Cakepro Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 6:29am
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Electricity...I remember having that. It ran the air conditioner, and the refrigerator, and the TV, and all the other things I now consider luxuries.

Hmmm...maybe tomorrow.

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karenm0712 Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 10:55am
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I am in Cincinnati, OH and the gusts of Ike hit here on Sunday afternoon -- I want to say they got up to 50-55 MPH. What we experienced here was nothing compared to what others experienced from Ike but it was still scary. We still have people in the tri-state without power (my parents are one of those people) and it has almost been a week! I think that we lost 5 people b/c of the storm.

Prayers are with all of those who were affected.

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dabear Posted 21 Sep 2008 , 9:23pm
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I made it thru Ike-but still have no power and have to boil the water. I am at my MIL's trying to catch up on laundry-and to think I did it all Friday before Ike hit. I am also trying to get my CC fix before I go home and have no computer for who knows how long. My zip code is in the badly damaged area and have no projected date-except after Monday! I so miss my internet and especially CC!!!!!! Luckily my dh got a generator and window a/c unit!

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twooten173 Posted 21 Sep 2008 , 9:39pm
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I'm so glad you guys made it through. I was worried and wanted to ask but didn't want to have others start worrying.

Denise Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
Denise Posted 22 Sep 2008 , 4:39am
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I am home now!! My electricity came on last night around 11:30. I got up and left Natchez at 10:30 this morning.

It looked bad coming into Orange County at the state line. The trees were rusty brown. Bridge City was so sad looking - but the people were working like busy bees tearing out insulation, carpet, sheetrock, etc.

My own yard looked like tossed salad - trees down and crushing the fence, limbs everywhere but the house was fine. Our neighbors were not so lucky. Their patio was ripped off - taking part of the back of the roof with it and then flew across the road and smacking into the house there.

It was good to be home. My hubby came home Tuesday morning so we were not together for our 26th anniversary.

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