5 Preggie Tests Can't Lie, Right? Slightly Freakin' Here!

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alisoncooks Posted 20 Sep 2007 , 12:17am
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I have a BEAUTIFUL 15-mth old girl (see my avatar). Love her, I stay home with her. Hubby and I half-hearted "tried" this past month (read: only one night...sorry for the details icon_eek.gif ) ANYWAYS, I'm now holding FIVE positive pregnancy tests and even thought we were wanting another child, I'm absolutely freaking out. I haven't told DHyet (I've been testing over the past 3 days)...planning on telling him tonight. I don't know what's wrong with me. Anyone with children about 2 years apart have any advice, words of comfort that I can do this? I wasn't like this the first time around...maybe now I just know what I'm getting into...

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mkolmar Posted 20 Sep 2007 , 12:28am
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Honey, I had 4 kids in exactly 5 years!!! Those tests don't lie! Once you test positive---your positivily pregnant.
You can do this! Take a deep breath and tell your DH. Then start planning on another little one to love. There are good points and bad to having them so close together. My brothers and I are all 4 years apart and we were never close until I became older. My kids are way closer in age and although they argue they can't live without each other. (If one spends a night somewhere the others cry that they miss them and to go get them) The worst part is having 2 or more in diapers at the same time. My big fear as silly as it sounds is that I wouldn't love the baby as much as my 1st one. *crazy* Your heart just grows bigger with each child so you have more than enough love to give.

Congrats on the new buddle of joy in the oven!!!!! It truly is a miracle!

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ThatsHowTcakesRolls Posted 20 Sep 2007 , 12:33am
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Congratulations - that is so exciting!! I do hope they are positively correct but please go to your doctor soon. I had 4 false positives last year! I took 5 tests in 2 days - 4 were positive and 1 was negative. I went to the doctor about 3 days later and I was NOT pregnant. I did not do the tests wrong either. My doctor said that it was something she hadn't seen before but she said she had heard that it happens. Good Luck!!


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Rambo Posted 20 Sep 2007 , 12:43am
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You are most likely to get a false negative than a false positive so tbroskoski must have gotten like all of the goof ups for the year in one box. But definately make an appointment soon.

I got pregnant with my second son on my oldest's first birthday. He was about 8 months sooner than we planned but I wouldn't have it any other way now. They are 7 and almost 6 and the best friends either of them will ever have.

Yes double diapers are hard and going places, like grocery shopping, get's to be nerve racking but in the end you'll figure out a system that works for you. Just remember to take advantage of anyone who's willing to help and take a little time for yourself every day even if it's just popping in a video so you can sit and stair at the walls for a little bit.

On the up side my baby started kindergarten and his brother is in second grade. I have 3 hours a day all to myself, something I'd have waited a lot longer for if they had been farther apart.

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alisoncooks Posted 20 Sep 2007 , 12:44am
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Mkolmar--thank you for your kind words and encouragement. My brother and I are 2 yrs apart and I always knew that I wanted my children to be the same. Just now that I've committed, I'm spazzing a little.

tbroskoski--Wow, I've always heard that you can get false negs but a positive is a positive. Hmmmm. I'm gonna give it a few weeks b/f i go to the dr (I'm in no rush...they don't do anything the first few weeks anyway). We got pregnant with my daughter the first month we tried with her, but that was a full-scale, TTC event icon_smile.gif This was a little more unexpected.

Deep Breath....I know I can do it. Far worse than me have done it and their kids are not toooo screwed up.... icon_smile.gif

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AuntieElle Posted 20 Sep 2007 , 12:49am
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Girl, you sound like me! I took 2 tests, didn't believe it so I went to Wal-Mart and bought 4 more. They couldn't be right! Well, they were! You can do this! My oldest sibling is 4 years older than me. For years we had nothing in common. As adults we are bestfriends. The sibling just younger than me is 8 years younger. Your kids will thank you for it. I have two step-Sons 16 months apart who are soooo close and always have been. Take a deep breath! You got this!


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TheDomesticDiva Posted 20 Sep 2007 , 2:46am
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Congratulations!! Don't worry! You'll do fine!!

We started trying for our second when our son was 15 months old. 9 months later, we had another baby boy! ...I was one of those moms that didnt really get out and do much when it was just my first son. We would do playdates, but as far as grocery shopping or just running errands, I preferred to wait until my husband got home so that I wouldnt get overwhelmed. So I was kind of terrified of how I might handle two of them! ...Let me tell you though, it was so much EASIER for me with two! I don't know why, but I was much more comfortable doing things, and it all just came so naturally. I guess maybe because I was still in "Mommy Mode" and I felt more confident in what I was doing. The first one I had NO idea what I was doing and I was so scared I was going to do something wrong. The second one was like second nature though; I didnt have to learn to diaper, I knew that it was okay if he cried, that it didnt mean something was horribly wrong, knew what to expect as far as sleepless nights and a feeding schedule, etc. ....I laughed when I read the above post about the biggest fear being how I would love the second baby as much as the first. I was so afraid of that! and everyone I've ever said that to has looked at me like I was just horrible. I do agree though, your heart just grows and grows and it is true---I love them both the same! I always used to think my mom was lying when she said that to us when we were growing up LOL. (So, sidenote to say thanks to mkolmar, for letting me know I'm not the only person in the world to think this and that I'm not horrible for it!)

The way I told my husband I was pregnant was to take a white onesie and write "I'm a big brother!" on it and dressed him, and just waited for my husband to come pick him up and read what his shirt said. His face was priceless!! icon_smile.gif It was so sweet, and I kept the shirt for my keepsake box.

Congratulations again! I hope I helped to alleviate some of your fears! It's so much fun to see them grow up together. (And be little pains in the butt together, and get into stuff together. It's totally worth it having them so close though, after seeing how much they love each other and are such a huge part of each others worlds.)

Edited to add two words: DOUBLE STROLLER!! (Life saver!!)

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koolaidstains Posted 20 Sep 2007 , 3:34am
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When I look back at how things were with my first two before number three came along I'd say it was pretty easy. It was adding the third that made things hard. My oldest two are 15 months apart and then there's 23 months between child two and three and then there's 27 months between three and four. So right now I've got a 9, 8, 6, and 4 year old. It's not always easy, but there are definate advantages. My oldest two have been wearing the same size clothing for 6 years. My second oldest happens to be tall and will soon be wearing bigger clothing than her older sister. Because they're all closer in age, they are each others playmates. Even when my second child was born my oldest at 15 months helped me out by bringing me diapers, wipes, water for mommy and all kinds of stuff that made her feel important and as soon as my second oldest was old enough to interact with my oldest it was wonderful.

Part of what's great about having them close together is that you don't go through much of that stage where the older kid wonders why someone else is coming in their territory. They're not old enough to have a real sense of self and before they do there is already someone else there.

Next fall I'll have all my kids in elementary school together, which I think will be neat. You can do it, just make sure to take advantage of all the things that are easier to do with just one while you can! The only thing I remember after having #2 was that we wondered why we didn't go out to eat more or go to the movies and stuff that with one child you realize is actually much easier!

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KathysCC Posted 20 Sep 2007 , 5:49am
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Finding out you are pregnant is always emotional so some of your reaction is just the disbelief. I believe all children are gifts no matter what. If you look too far in the future or worry about the expense or how you are going to handle two in diapers, it can seem overwhelming. Most of us handle things a lot better when we actually have to deal with it than we think we can in our imagination. Does that make sense icon_rolleyes.gif . I've always thought that the best gift you can give you child is a sibling because those relationships last a lifetime and they will have one another even when you are gone, and two years apart is a perfect age difference. I had my first three in 6 years. My two girls are 18 and 16 and the absolute best of friends. They have a wonderful relationship. My son is 14 and is closest (though they argue some) with his 16 year old sister. They have always played together. My kids are all close because I homeschool them and they spend so much time with one another. I had two in diapers at once...it wasn't that hard and even a 2 year old can be a big help. The oldest girl usually fits into a mothering role very quickly. My oldest was totally in love with her sister when we brought her home. I'm guessing being a big sister will be wonderful for your daughter.

Also, please don't put off going to the doctor. They do blood work immediately which tells them hormone levels and other things. I don't want to scare you but I thought the same thing as you and did not go to the doctor with my 4th pregnancy for the first 3 months, thinking how the other three pregnancies went smoothly. I lost that baby at 12 weeks and really don't know why. Miscarriage is common in the first three months BUT when I became pregnant the 5th time, they checked my hormone levels right away and found out my progesterone was too low to support a pregnancy. I was starting to lose this one too and they put me on progesterone. I had a beautiful baby boy just weeks before my 41st birthday and I really believe the progesterone saved him. It's just a good idea to have your doctor watching your progress. Then you won't have to second guess yourself if something goes wrong.

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mommachris Posted 20 Sep 2007 , 6:44am
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congrats to you.
Scary, yes.
You can do this. It will just take some adjusting. What a wonderful gift you are giving to your other child.

I agree with everyone else...go see your dr. as soon as possible. I have had four pregnancies that ended early.

But, I also have 8 beautiful children..they average 2 years apart.
In fact I have 6 birthdays between Oct and Jan. The nurses at the hospital keep doing double takes when I check in. icon_rolleyes.gif Didn't you just have a baby?? icon_confused.gif

Let us know how your hubby reacts, give him a minute cause he'll be just as amazed as you have been. It is pretty heady stuff...creation of life.

You could bake him a cake...a shower cake that says Welcome baby.
Dh "Whose that for?"
You "It's ours."
Dh " Really?!"
You nod to affirm.
A look of pure love crosses your Dh's face as he sweeps you in his arms.
Cue romantic music.

I'm so mushy.


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alisoncooks Posted 20 Sep 2007 , 12:24pm
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THANK YOU EVERYONE! I guess mentally I could've told myself all of this. Emotionally... now that's another story.

Told DH last night. He got home from work and I was already in bed but I'd set a note by the door with a NEG preg test (from last week...I jumped the gun...that could also explain some of my disbelief) and the note said "Oh well, better luck next time.) Then when he rounded the corner to go down the hall I had another note with a positive test that said "Oh...well! Nevermind!" Then around the last corner at the bedroom door was a note with the remaining tests that said "What can I say? I panicked! icon_smile.gif"

Anyway, he came in looking so confused! Then he was very excited and happy, and if I must say, a little proud of his procreating ability (men!)

Thanks again for all the words of advice. It's nice to hear where everyone else has been through the "fire" and survived! And I'll go to the doctor ASAP icon_smile.gif And I'll have to figure out how to add a pregnancy ticker to my signature icon_biggrin.gif

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mommicakes Posted 20 Sep 2007 , 1:00pm
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Alisoncooks, You are a very lucky woman. Enjoy your pregnancy!!! I have a total of 4 children. My oldest daughter will be 18 next week, and then a son to be 12 in Nov., then a son to be 8 in Jan., then a daughter to be 10 in Mar. I can really say I have been on both sides of this. With a difference of 6 years between the older two, and only 18 mos between the younger two. I never knew if I was coming or going. They are all very close, but still have their own space. It sometimes is chaos in the household, but, somewhat controlled. (if that can be) icon_cry.gif They all take care of each other and the two youngest I keep getting asked if they are twins. There has always from the start been only 1 pound and 1 inch separating the two of them. (kinda funny) You will be amazed just how well your two love bugs will be with each other. It will all be fine. My biggest suggestion/advice to you will be ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BREATHE!!!!!! sometimes we forget and get overwhelmed, but it all works out.

Myself being the oldest of 3 children in my family, there is 6 years difference between my sister and me, and 12 between my brother and myself. It was very hard, we didn't have much in common, and by the time I graduated high school, my baby brother had just started, I moved away from home before he even got into high school, and I wished I could have been there for both of them, during their school years.

ANYWAY, Good Luck and enjoy everything that comes down the pike with your new bundle of fun adding to your family!! My best to all 4 of you!! icon_biggrin.gif thumbs_up.gif

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michellenj Posted 20 Sep 2007 , 1:21pm
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Good for you, Alison!

My son and daughter are 22 mos. apart. I got pg the very first time dh and I tried. He was like "dammit", looking forward to a sexfest. icon_eek.gif

It was a little bit hard at the end of my pregnancy when dd wanted me to pick her up and I couldn't, and when we brought the baby home I was nursing him and she slapped his face, but it has mostly been really great, and it's getting easier every day, now that they can play together life is great.

It will be fun!

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Rambo Posted 20 Sep 2007 , 1:50pm
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Originally Posted by michellenj

It was a little bit hard at the end of my pregnancy when dd wanted me to pick her up and I couldn't, and when we brought the baby home I was nursing him and she slapped his face,

Yep one crucial piece of advice... smother your first with love and affection those first couple months and insist everyone else does the same. When people come to see the new baby ask your closest friends and family to bring a book or a small present for big sister and to address her before diving for the baby. My mom did this for us when my little sis was born (even though I was six) and we did it for my eldest and all of a sudden the baby wasn't a burden for his brother but a prize to be shown off.

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mkerton Posted 20 Sep 2007 , 2:34pm
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congrats!!! I got preggo with my first first try.....but not with the seond havent succeed yet......(5 months later).... Oh well if its meant to be, its meant to be and if no.....I still have a beautiful boy!

My sister and I are 21 months apart.......and the next one came 24 months later.......dont know how my mom did it but it was nice.

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alisoncooks Posted 21 Sep 2007 , 12:16am
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I got pg the very first time dh and I tried. He was like "dammit", looking forward to a sexfest.

michellenj--I hear ya! My DH thinks he got robbed!


Yep one crucial piece of advice... smother your first with love and affection those first couple months

Rambo--I have already started this! Already as I look at her, I'm thinking I better get in as much mommy and baby time in as I can before we add another.

mkerton--if all goes according to plan, #2 will arrive a scant 2 weeks before #1's second birthday. DH and I were slightly unsure if the timing was right to be trying again, but we gave it our one shot and felt that if it happened, God knew better than us. Good luck with your TTC.

Again, thanks thanks thanks for all the comments. I've loved reading about your families and it has continually given me encouragement!

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pish Posted 21 Sep 2007 , 12:42am
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First of all...congrat! Babies are always a wonderful blessing.

Second...pray that you're not pregnant with twins! Not to freak you out from the get go, but this just happened to my cousin. She got pregnant the first time trying after first baby and then had a set of twins three months before her first son turned 2. Now I know she loves then will all her heart and soul, but you couldn't pay me enough money to swap lives with her! icon_lol.gif icon_lol.gif

icon_surprised.gif Was that mean of me to put that nugget of fear in your mind? If so, I apologize profusely. It is definately NOT nice to mess with pregnant people..... icon_lol.gif icon_lol.gif

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alisoncooks Posted 21 Sep 2007 , 1:26am
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Twins...yeah right! When we were expecting our first, my hubby kept saying how he wanted twins...I kept thinking "ARE YOU CRAZY!?" Don't get me wrong, I'd love 'em if I had them but i can't even imagine the work involved. You'd ALWAYS be nursing, changing diapers! Whew! Like those people of DiscoveryHealth Ch. that have sextuplets! YIkES!

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pish Posted 21 Sep 2007 , 3:07am
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oh honey, now you're just tempting fate....

I see one, no no two children. Wait, WAIT there's a third in there...

Just kidding

Pish (AKA The Fortune Teller to the Stars icon_lol.gif )

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emmascakes Posted 21 Sep 2007 , 12:41pm
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Oh I'm so envious!! Maybe just by posting on this thread I can be near fertile people and will catch some of it! Good luck with your pregnancy, it sounds like you will be fine.

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Rambo Posted 22 Sep 2007 , 2:48pm
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I was just informed, thru my local grapevine, of a dear friend of my sisters who has a two year old and a six month old baby and she just found out one on the way.

See you're not nearly as over your head as you could be.

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Sugar_Plum_Fairy Posted 22 Sep 2007 , 3:20pm
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Just wanted to wish you a big ol' CONGRATULATIONS!

I think there are plus and minuses for the age difference you will have. My first two are 18 months and 8 days apart! Got pregnant the first month of trying with no. 1 and no. 2 was two or three trys. Very quick. My son is the oldest and then my daughter and they are the best of friends and worst of enemies! They love eachother to death, especially if separated, but when together they either play really well or fight like shark and prey! lol. They are now 10 and 9. And with no. 3, it was a one try deal and now she's two and the two older siblings absolutely adore her. She's like their child if you ask them.

Like I said, there are plusses and minuses. When the kids are further apart in age, they can be more helpful and understand a bit more, but can sometime be a bit more resentful, too. When they're closer in age and don't understand quite as much, they sometimes just look forward to playing with their new sibling. I think it's best to get them "helping" and interacting with the new baby as early as possible without forgetting to give them some one on one time with Mom and Dad, too.

You'll do fine. Everyone finds the way that's best for their situation!

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stormy2500 Posted 23 Sep 2007 , 10:31pm
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I have 2 girls already...ages 8 and 20 months. I am also now currently expecting #3 - and this one is a boy. icon_surprised.gif

My oldest dd had a tough time with me being pregnant with little sister and it took a lot longer for her to adjust. She was upset about this one too (afraid I was no longer going to take care of her) - but adjusted so quickly this time around.

When the new one gets here - I will have a 9 year old, a 2 year old and a newborn. icon_eek.gif

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rosita6882 Posted 24 Sep 2007 , 12:22am
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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! When i got pregnant with my first i took three test and all were neg. I found out at 4 months that i was preg and was shocked. After that i thought i was pregnant again and took 4 test and all were positive, made an appointment, and she told me i wasn't pregnant. Two months later i was pregnant with twins. With my third pregnancy, same thing, all neg and nine months later i had my fourth child. I love them all to death and would do anything for them. Heres a pic of my family.

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lovely Posted 29 Oct 2007 , 10:28am
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Originally Posted by Rambo

I was just informed, thru my local grapevine, of a dear friend of my sisters who has a two year old and a six month old baby and she just found out one on the way.

LOL that is close. I had my middle boys 13months apart. They are in grade 8 and 9 and all is good now, although the 14 year old and his older sister 17 get on great (Personally think he is riding on her coat tail of coolness which she says is fine as he isn't annoying like he used to be when he was little lol)

CONGRATS on the pregnancy. That is awsome.

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Erdica Posted 29 Oct 2007 , 4:02pm
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I can completely relate.

I had my second DD in Dec 05. Took about 8 weeks to get aunt flow. Had one in Feb then March again. Then nothing in April. So I tested. It came back positive. I was freaking out!! I didn't even tell my DH in a nice way. He was mowing the lawn and I walked out there with the test in my hand and kind of shoved it in his face. All he could say was "No way!". We went in for an u/s since I just wasn't sure. They had my original due date in December of 06 so they would be about a year apart. But the u/s showed I was further along then thought. Yeah...due date... Thanksgiving 06. I ended up having my third DD on 11/19/06. My girls are 11 months 6 days apart.

It is difficult. And it does take some time getting use to being pregnant again so soon. But my girls, they love each other. They play well. They act like twins on some parts. They do the same things. There is some seperation issues. They don't like to be apart. It's been a lot of fun watching them grow up together. There was about a 3 week adjustment period for my middle one. But now we think they are conspiring against DH and I. We are out numbered!

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