Another Question About Freezing Cookies

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patton Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 2:48am
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I'm baking wedding cake cookies for my son's fiance's bridal shower to give to guests as favors. I love the wedding cake cookie in Toba Garrett's cookie book and I'm considering using this one.

The shower is the last weekend in March. I need to bake and decorate the cookies way before that, as I'm also baking the cake for the shower and I don't want to be doing it all the week before...Here's my question: I need to know if the icing that Toba Garrett uses for these cookies--glace--would freeze well? I've read the posts I could find about freezing cookies with royal icing. But what about Toba Garrett's glace icing? I searched through her book, and she doesn't mention freezing. Can anyone advise me? Those cookies also have her fondant on them in the center, with a monogram on it...would this freeze well too?............if the cookies won't freeze well with the glace icing and fondant, then I will maybe consider another cookie design. Thanks very much for any help. icon_smile.gif

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nickdrewnjaysmom Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 3:49pm
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I also have a similiar question.. how long can you freeze sugar cookies? Can you freeze them if they are decorated with fondant? I have to make them for the same weekend, the last one in March, and I also have to make a cake, so I don't want to do it all at the same time...Sorry I couldn't help you, but I didn't want to post a seperate topic since it is sort of the same...

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ShelbysYummys Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 3:56pm
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you can freeze decorated cookies. Not sure how long?? with fondant I am not sure either. Why don't you try it! you can kill 2 birds with one stone. make the dough. Cut the shapes. Freeze. bake sample ones.defrost and it it work cool! if it doesn't them you'll know and share your story!

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patton Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 6:24pm
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I am making some practice wedding cake cookies now, and when I finish, I will freeze some of them and see how it goes. icon_smile.gif The only thing is, I need to see how the cookies are in 3 weeks! because that is when the bridal shower is, and if I freeze for 3 weeks to see how it goes, then it will be too late to make new cookies! But I wiill go ahead and freeze some for a day or two, and maybe that will give me an idea.

Here's another do you keep little bubbles from appearing in the surface??? yikes. They do not look good! I did puncture them with a pin, but the first cookies I did were already crusting over, when I punctured the bubbles and now I have little puncture marks. icon_sad.gif Is there any way to prevent the little bubbles? I'll do a search on that, but thought maybe someone would also read this and know the answer.

I think it is fun to decorate cookies, although I'm not experienced at it at all.

JoAnn, what kind of cookies are you making? Just wondering.

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izzybee Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 6:39pm
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I never have a problem with bubbles. Are you using the whip to whip the royal? If so you should only use the paddle and on medium speed. If the royal has been sitting stir up to get the liquid from the bottom incorporated. Never whip!

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Mslou Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 6:48pm
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I have never frozen decorated cookies, but have frozen baked ones. Maybe you could bake and freeze, then decorate the week of the wedding. I would think they would hold just fine without freezing after you decorate them. I know we use to hold them in the cookie case for 4 days. If you seal them in an air tight container, they should last for 7 days without getting soft.

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ShelbysYummys Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 6:54pm
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? Can I freeze my cookies? Can I freeze my iced cookies?

Yes! You can freeze uniced cookies or cookies iced with royal icing. Make sure your cookies are stored in an air tight container. When removing them from the freezer do NOT open the container until the cookies are back up to room temperature. This will prevent condensation on the cookies. How long? This depends on your thoughts on how long you like to leave things in the freezer. Stored in an airtight container I'd say up to a month. If your life is so busy that you need to make the cookies more in advance than that you definitely need to slow down a bit.

? How far ahead can I make/decorate my cookies?

If you are freezing them, see the question above. If you don't want to freeze them or you have used buttercream icing I'd say two to three days. Keep them tightly sealed in the meantime.

found this info on another website
hope it helps

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cakefairy18 Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 6:56pm
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use the pin and puncture the bubbles before the icing crusts...

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patton Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 7:10pm
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re bubbles in cookie surface: izzybee, you said "never whip". I'm using a hand held mixer. I guess that could be the problem. I mixed for several minutes.

I'm getting ready to make another batch of icing so I will NOT use the mixer with this batch and see how it goes. Thanks.

I'm so excited. These cookies (or at least the picture in Toba Garrett's cookie book) are so cute...well cute is not exactly the word to describe them...they are beautiful and elegant-looking! Can't wait to finish em and see how my rendition of her design turns out. icon_smile.gif

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Cake_Princess Posted 4 Mar 2006 , 10:11pm
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I would love to know if you can freeze a decorated cookie as well. I recently read that cookies decorate with royal icing should not be frozen because the icing can pop right off the cookie during freezing. I wish I could recall which book it was. I guess I will have to make a trip back to the library on Monday.

Please let us know how it goes when you freeze the cookies. If there is any change in appearance or taste.

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Bouncin4Bonjovi Posted 7 Mar 2006 , 4:04am
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I froze no fail cookies on 2/23/06 and I just put them in freezer bags. I do not need them until 3/11/06. ARE THEY GOING TO BE OKAY? I am making 7 cookie boquets for my SIL birthday party. Now I am getting scared. icon_eek.gif

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wespam Posted 7 Mar 2006 , 1:35pm
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I'm no expert but I did freeze my decorated cookies for a week. It worked OK but I was not real happy. I used a glaze similar to Toby G.'s with royal icing piping. The glaze was tinted and I noticed that the darkier icing color had lighter swirls in it after being frozen and the RI piping has some hard parts and more crumbly. The sugar cookie was a little dryer tasting - not that melt in your mouth like the fresh baked are. I think if I ever need to freeze ahead again I will just bake and freeze the cookie then decorate no more than 3 days ahead of time. I noticed the glaze breaks down and isn't as tasty after 3 days. To me the best part of providing a delicious treat is that melt in your mouth flavor. I don't think you can beat fresh fresh fresh. People will remember the taste long after they see the decoration. Pam from Bama

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