What Do You Do You Don't Like Your Results? Lower The Price?

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vitade Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 10:24pm
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Help, Why is it that when I do this for fun, it's fun. But do the same thing for someone else, and I stress everyone in my family and myself to the point of throwing my back out! Unbelievable icon_cry.gif

It's like I forget everything I know! I couldn't back out, but what do I do now that my finished product isn't what I had hoped for? Do I give them for free? Do I reduce the price? I HATE giving something when I feel it's going to represent my work and I don't like it!! icon_cry.gif I just finished and have to let them dry before bagging them. Maybe that will dress them up.

I wanted this to be so good and it has fallen so short of that. I'll post the best picture I could take. Please be honest, you can't say anything worst than I've said to myself.

Besides all that, I used Alice Icing, how long will that take to dry? I couldn't even get my icing made without my hands shaking, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME![/url]

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Cakeman66 Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 10:29pm
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The biggest problem, is you are putting too much pressure on yourself.

When do these have to be done? When did you get the order? Why are you trying for perfection, when perfection can not be achieved? Better yet, why do you think you have to give them for free or very cheap?

Have you done cookies like this before? If not, then you've bitten off more than you can chew, just for the business. If you had very little time to do these, then you should seriously think about doing it again, in such a short amount of time.

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tastycakes Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 10:29pm
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Nothing is wrong with you! You are completely normal! And those cookies are adorable! The team is going to love them and the parents are all going to be green with envy! The more you do the more confident you'll be and you'll begin to enjoy it as much as doing it for family! Happened to me!

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vitade Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 10:30pm
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By the way, their suppose to be volleyballs with the girls name and number. I used blue and yellow because that's their colors. I tried one in black and it just looked to plain and "unfestive". If that makes sense.

I think my main problem is getting to "involved" with the projects. I should stop thinking so much and just do. (easier said than done)

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TandTHarrell Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 10:32pm
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hey i feel u i just tried to make a taco shell and i placed the cake inside the shell and the shell broke in half. i used real chips instead. I asked my neighbor her honest opinion and she said it look like an erupted volcano. i wanted to charged $25.00 but i dare not charged that much anymore. well good luck i will keep an eye on this post to see what kinda of answer you get maybe it will help me out some. good luck.

for what i see the cookies look nice

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Cakeman66 Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 10:33pm
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yeah, there you said it...

Thinking too much will always be a downfall.

Don't think, do.

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tastycakes Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 10:36pm
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No way, do not lower you're price!!! You don't need to explain that they are volleyballs - I knew right off the bat what they were! They look great. Stop doubting yourself, you're done! Go watch the Olympics and let them dry! A little curly ribbon in matching team colors will be all they'll need. I like to add a bow to the box they are being transported in to complete the look!

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sedinga Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 10:36pm
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I think they look GREAT !!! thumbs_up.gif You're being too hard on yourself. That's one reason why this site is SO good because it can help people not to be so critical of themselves by getting second and third opinions. Honestly, I think the cookies look really good and that you should charge what you said you were going to charge. Keep trying too because as tastycakes said you will get more confident.

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cindy6250 Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 10:36pm
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Your cookies are very cute. What don't you like about them? I would not lower the price. I'm sure that your customer is going to love them.

I know how you feel about the stressing out when baking for money. I don't make half the mistakes when I'm baking for fun. It will get better, as you get more business and become more comfortable with that end of it. I still fret over whether the person I'm baking for is happy with the apprearance and especially the taste of my finished product.

Wish I could offer you some advise, but I think it is something we all have to work out in our own minds.

Back to the cookies. You are being too hard on yourself and you know that we are all our own worst critics. They are really cute!! I promise!!


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TooMuchCake Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 10:44pm
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Cakeman66 wrote:


Thinking too much will always be a downfall.

Don't think, do.

Yep, gotta find your zen. icon_lol.gif Don't lower the price on those cookies! A little bag for each one and some curly ribbon and they'll look like they came from a boutique. I assume your customer already agreed on a price with you, right? Go for it! If you have some extra cookies and you reeeeaaaallllly feel like making amends for what you perceive as a flaw, give her some extras and tell her she's getting them for free.


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gma1956 Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 10:46pm
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Yes I have charged less that price quoted before. I was soooo unhappy with one cake that I wanted to just give it to them, but I had to at least cover my expenses. I got comments later that the cake was adorable and tasted great. "what do they know" IT WAS HORRIBLE>>> at least the decoration was. I didn't even take a picture of it.

Your cookies by the way are really good. I don't see anything wrong with them at all. I knew exactly what they were when I saw them.

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KittisKakes Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 10:50pm
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You are your own worst critic. At least I know that is how I am with myself. We see every flaw that no one else would even notice, especially from those who don't decorate items like that. I think the cookies look great! There's no question what they are and what you were trying to create! Get the full price and don't be so hard on yourself. If you feel like you must do more, add a few extras, but don't cheat yourself for the hard work you've put into this!!

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subaru Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 10:53pm
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Lighten Up Girlfriend! Your cookies are Great! You need a good dose of self-confidence. I checked out your photos, EVERYTHING look great. I say full price, because they are worth it! ( buy the way, I wouldn't say it if it wern't so.)

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vitade Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 10:54pm
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Thanks guys, your starting to relax me. I think your right, I need to just let them be and let them dry and maybe after not looking at them for a awhile, I'll appreciate them. I just was freaking. GOD I NEED A VACATION! Somewhere sunny!!

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BalloonWhisk Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 10:59pm
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They're mostly fine. If you have extra cookies and icing already made, maybe redo Brianna and any others where the name didn't fit in the middle frame.

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poppie Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 11:12pm
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They are great don't be so hard on yourself. I wish my cookies looked that good. thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

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antonia74 Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 11:17pm
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You've just been looking at them too long and too closely. These look great to me and I'd be proud of them!

We truly are our own worst critics. Each time I do an order that I'm not 100% happy with, self-doubt sets in...

"Should I reduce the price by $1 each? Should I start over? Should I call the client and tell her they didn't quite turn out right?"

No, no and no! Your work is great. These were ordered by a customer because they a) don't know how to make these cookies as beautifully as YOU have done and b) they don't have the time to do it.

They look great! Truly. thumbs_up.gif

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TERRYHORTON Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 11:54pm
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All too true...

If the person could have/wanted to make it and decorate the item themselves then they wouldnt have asked you !!!!!

They probably cant!!!!

Full Price!!!!!

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crisseyann Posted 12 Feb 2006 , 11:55pm
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Your cookies are wonderful. I wouldn't change a thing, as far as reducing the price. You did a great job! icon_smile.gif

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Doug Posted 13 Feb 2006 , 2:08am
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another vote for:

ya done good!!!!

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tripletmom Posted 13 Feb 2006 , 2:19am
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I went through the same thing last week! I made a 3-D NASCAR cake that fell way short of what I wanted to do. I was so disappointed in my cake that instead of the $40 that I quoted the client I only charged them $20.00.

A week later I got a really lovely thank-you note saying how much the cake added to their special day and that they really looked forward to working with me again. First thank-you note I have ever gotten for a cake......

Long story short...I should not have lowered the price, I still worked hard on the cake and the customer was vey happy after all. As previously stated, we really and truly are our own worst critics often to our own detriment.

Your cookies really are lovely and there is no mistaking what they are, you put a lot of hard work into them. Nope, don't lower your prices one cent!

Cake_Princess Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
Cake_Princess Posted 13 Feb 2006 , 7:46am
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The cookies look great stop beating yourself up. Really great job with the Alice cookie icing. It can be difficult sometimes.

vitade Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
vitade Posted 13 Feb 2006 , 11:11am
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Thanks guys. It's nice to come here when you don't have anyone in person who can give you a third eye. I peeked at them this morning and I'm alittle calmer about them. Still not exactly what I had in mind, but I think once I get them bagged they be good.

Now, I'm just wondering, how long should I expect them to be dry enough to bag? One thing I never thought to is since the icing has butter, will they be okay sitting out?

Really, thanks guys, I was being a baby and you guys gave me a slap to suck it up. It's not the end of the world!

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diana Posted 13 Feb 2006 , 3:04pm
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I'm new making cookies and cakes, and I really love your work !
don't be son hard on yourself icon_smile.gif I hope to do cookies as great as
yours ! thumbs_up.gif

isakov1 Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
isakov1 Posted 13 Feb 2006 , 5:33pm
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Your cookies are great!!! Count on this....they'll all rant and rave at how great they are and then you'll wonder why you even bothered to get stressed out icon_wink.gif

KHalstead Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
KHalstead Posted 13 Feb 2006 , 5:41pm
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Let me tell you from experience........the people that asked you to make those......didn't make them themselves because they CAN'T.......you CAN....and you DID.......they look awesome. If you think that they are below the standards of the person that is purchasing.....let them tell you and then mayyyybbbbbbeeee suggest a reductiong in price, but if they don't say anything....I would keep my mouth shut. You are waaaaaaayyyy harder on yourself than necessary (being a perfectionist myself) I know what that's like......but the cookies do look awesome, I think you deserve to be paid full price for them!!!!!!!!!!!

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kaecakes Posted 13 Feb 2006 , 6:00pm
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Relax the cookies are great, ok so you see things someone else might not, ( they won't see it believe me) Give them the extras and take what they owe you you probably didn't charge them enough in the first place. They look wonderful and you deserve every penny you charged for them. Enjoy the complements they are coming and you deserve them.

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BalloonWhisk Posted 13 Feb 2006 , 9:59pm
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Most customers aren't interested in giving constructive feedback to the people they buy from, and not so classless as to try to renegotiate terms once the sale has been made. If they're not pleased with what they bought, they just don't come back with more business.

If you think the cookies are good, they're good. If you think they aren't up to your own standards for what you want to sell, then they aren't good enough. It's your business and it's your call.

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Liis Posted 13 Feb 2006 , 10:09pm
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Your cookies look thumbs_up.gif . ... and don't worry so much. icon_lol.gif

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klg1152 Posted 13 Feb 2006 , 10:20pm
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They look great - I think what happens is that we all fall into the I should have done this or changed that and then you never would have finished. Relax, collect your fee and wait for the rave reviews to come in. icon_wink.gif

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